The Benefits of Seamless Roof Systems

seamless roofing system installToday’s blog post focuses on the benefits of seamless roofing systems. Building owners, facility managers, and property management firms will find this information particularly helpful alongside our prior post on fully adhered roofing.

In the commercial roofing industry, membrane roof systems such as TPO, PVC, and modified bitumen roofing are a common choice for building protection. But these membrane roofs have seams, and even though they are carefully welded, bonded, or fastened together, they are still highly susceptible to roof drips or leaks. Over time, these seams can become more exposed and open to undesired water entry into a commercial building. Enter “seamless roofing,” a growing popular alternative.

What is Seamless Roofing?

seamless roof systemSimply put, seamless roofing refers to roofs that have a unified, consistent membrane body, or, in industry lingo, have a “monolithic” membrane composition. Because they do not have any seams, seamless roof systems are not vulnerable to leaks, drips, or water penetration in some of the ways that membrane roofs with seams are.

Generally speaking, seamless roofing is used to describe one facet of liquid-applied roofing, which is also known as a “roof coating membrane system”—or just roof coatings. Some roofing product manufacturers do refer to membrane roofs with very-tight seam seals as being so watertight, they are “seamless” sheet membrane roofs (so they are “seamless” EPDM rubber roofs, for example). But like with all roofing products, the principle of “buyer beware” applies. Careful research is needed on these systems. Plus, it is advisable for people to consider whether the likelihood of these tightly-sealed seams coming apart over time is outweighed by the benefits the roof system delivers.

Benefits that Seamless Roofs Deliver

Liquid-applied roofing products form a seamless, monolithic barrier over the commercial building’s old roof system. These seamless coating membrane systems provide commercial buildings with many benefits:

  • They take care of existing leaks. All commercial roof systems have problems at some point, and one of the most common problems is roof leaks. Even smaller roof leaks can lead to bigger problems if they are left untended. After all, water can gather under an existing roof surface and then, over time, erode and ruin the roofing components underneath the surface layer. Seamless roof coating solutions take care of this immediately, though, in many cases. With the new seamless barrier over it, an old roof is shielded from the elements and storm activity including rain, and all the old points of entry for water infiltration are sealed off. Existing roof leaks are put to a stop, as a result.
  • They seal off common sources of future roof leaks. In reality, most roof leaks are not due to actual roof product failure, but shoddy contractor workmanship or improper product installation (on a side note, an important reason to be mindful of material and labor warranties). It has been estimated that as many as 90% of roof leaks are due to error in product application, especially in tricky areas such as around roof protrusions, rooftop units, or others. In fact, the areas around protrusions, walls, curbs, rooftop units, and other features are the places where leaks are most likely to appear. With precise, expert application and their seamless composition, roof coating systems seal off these vulnerable areas and protect the building from unwanted future instances of water penetration.
  • They do not have the same weaknesses as roof sheet products. As briefly mentioned before, commercial roofing systems made up of sheet products have gaps, seams, and overlaps where leaks often form. Seamless roofs do not have these features and, as a result, are more resistant to leak formation. On top of being without seams, roof coating systems do not have any screws or fasteners to keep them secured to an existing roof substrate. That means there are not any of those areas which can become more exposed over time and vulnerable to leaks later on.
  • If a seamless roof does leak, it is much easier to tell where the leak is. Should a seamless roofing system start leaking, it will be easier for a qualified contractor to tell where the leak is occurring. That is, compared to telling where a leak is taking place on a membrane roof composed of sheet product. Because it has a monolithic body, the seamless roof coating system will have leaks that are more hyper-localized and easier to spot than on the “typical” membrane roof, which has sub-components where water can sit underneath the surface. This brings up another important point: on top of their seamless surface, roof coating systems are fully adhered. This means water cannot travel or gather underneath them.
  • They are typically easier to install or reapply than new roofs which require seam welding, drilling, or nailing. New roofs made up of sheet products already require expensive, time-consuming roof tear-off, disposal, and installation of new materials. But sand or dirt kicked up from the project operations can also impact a business’ operations, aside from the noise the job produces and the fact that a business already has to close its doors during the replacement job. With seamless coating jobs, a building does not have to shutdown operations, and the entire application process is far less costly and time-consuming than a replacement job. In fact, you could save as much as 50% on avoided roof replacement costs with our Conklin seamless roof coating solutions.

Seal Off Your Commercial Roof’s Seams and Exposed Areas

seamless metal roofing system installAs a nationwide network of commercial roofing specialists committed to excellence, Choice Roof Contractor Group strives to deliver the highest-caliber workmanship and service. Part of that involves using the right roofing products, and we have chosen the strong-performing Conklin roofing products for this need.

Here are a few ways in which these time-tested roofing products deliver value:

Roofing Services

Our professional commercial roof contractors provide:

  • Roof maintenance & repair
  • Inspections & leak detection
  • Energy efficient roof systems
  • Complete roof replacement
  • Roof life-extending solutions
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  • Easily expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations throughout day
  • Old roof’s seams reinforced with Spunflex, a high-performance, fully-knit polyester fabric reinforced with military-grade strength
  • Completely seamless, fully adhered, and strong waterproofing capability
  • Seamless coating systems installed back in 1970s still on job today
  • Exceptional tensile strength, durability, and longevity for liquid-applied products
  • Strong “elastomeric” properties for reliable, long-term expansion and contraction
  • Fortified building structure with little-to-no extra deadweight
  • Fewer upkeep and maintenance demands per year
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified roofing solutions
  • Reflects 85% of sun’s rays for up to 30% reduction in yearly A/C costs
  • Diverse product selection for extensive application possibilities
  • Class A fire resistance and premium protection against hurricane-force winds, hail storms, and other outdoor hazards
  • Rugged protection that extends an old roof’s life for possibly decades
  • Backed by renewable, non-prorated warranties

Should you be interested in obtaining a local roof estimate from one of our qualified contractors, call us at 800-670-5583. We will be happy to come out and take a look at your roof’s condition and show how we can help you secure your building and save money.

50+ Year Residential Company’s Explosive Start into Commercial Roofing

Things have been moving at neck-breaking speed here at Choice Roof Contractor Group this year. Nationwide interest in our free lead generation, life time mentorship and support, and other benefits continues to reach higher levels. In addition, our dedicated team has been steadfastly looking for new ways to create new business opportunities for our members, as well as ways to strengthen existing ones.

It is worth a moment to highlight the story of one of our newest members: KCI Roofing out of Covington, Georgia. Since they attended Conklin’s commercial roofing training program in August, company owner Shane Kitchens, Jason Perhacs, and other members of the company have hit the ground running. And they have been seeing some tremendous results with our network’s support and, more importantly, due to their drive to expand quickly.

In short, their foray into commercial roofing has been nothing short of explosive.

The Back Story

Before getting into the details: a little background on KCI Roofing. Based out of central Georgia, KCI Roofing has been in the roofing industry for 50 years. They have steadily grown into a large residential roofing company, and have done as much as $12 million in annual sales, with 25 salespeople and offices in multiple states. Having built up a strong presence in residential roofing, they have now turned to commercial roofing opportunities throughout Georgia.

Opportunity Knocks

Just a few weeks ago, KCI Roofing received a 54,000 square foot roofing lead from us. And having reached out to old connections, they have begun opening up doors to look at many other commercial roofing projects, as well.

To help them with bidding on these roofs, Senior Mentor Sam Hostetler flew down to Georgia. As part of our life time mentorship and support program, Sam was on-site to help Shane and Jason look over different roofing projects, make sales and product demonstrations to client prospects, become more knowledgeable of Conklin product’s versatility and applicability, and more. The prospective clients were also impressed by the fact that Shane and Jason had strong ties to experienced, capable roofers who know the full merits of Conklin’s product line.

Over a period of about a week, Shane and Jason grew even more confident in their understanding of the dynamics of the commercial roofing market, as well as how Conklin’s roof coatings and other products offer value. Overall, the takeaways from Sam’s week-long assistance, and their own efforts to plunge forward, were tremendous.

Current Highlights

As a result of Sam’s week-long trip and KCI Roof’s energetic entrance into commercial roofing, the following highlights have come to the fray:

  • KCI Roofing is currently in the bidding and prospect stage of a 400,000+ square foot flat roof on a school in Georgia. This roof has three sections where restoration work is needed badly. In these areas, officials have agreed to have a Conklin product test run be done. Based on his extensive sales background, Sam rates KCI’s chances of closing the entire project as “excellent.” (Update 12-19-14: We helped install a foam and coatings system on the first part this week.)
  • KCI Roofing currently has prospects for an additional 2-3 million square feet of roofing in the surrounding communities.
  • On top of the product testing in the three sections, KCI Roofing and Choice Roof Contractor Group will be hosting the school superintendent on a business trip in Missouri. There, they will walk some roofs that had Conklin products applied on it years ago—and that have not had trouble to this day.
  • KCI Roofing has been actively putting out bids on other flat roofs and metal roofs in their surrounding communities—and has been getting tremendous feedback on the energy-efficiency and cost savings offered by Conklin’s roof restoration systems.
  • Sam shares his excitement for KCI Roofing and the future, as it is clear there are tremendous commercial roofing market opportunities in Georgia, based on his recent nationwide tour and his week-long trip there.
  • KCI Roofing is busily engaging in telephone outreach efforts throughout Georgia and has been highly successful in arranging on-site roof evaluations.

KCI Roofing’s Perspective

When asked for his thoughts on what has happened, Shane shared that he is impressed with the extent to which our network has helped them in their efforts. Now he and his team are much stronger and more confident in approaching commercial prospects, in carrying out effective sales presentations for interested prospects, and in their overall commercial roofing knowledge.

Shane also spoke of how being able to call up an experienced roofer for on-site coaching and camaraderie-building was of enormous value. Now that Sam has helped them with this initial groundwork, the KCI Roofing team continues to make cold calls to their neighboring communities — and they have been getting even more notable requests from local businesses for bids!

With KCI Roofing’s exceptional experience in the roofing industry, confidence, and Sam’s own assistance, the opportunities for this dedicated team are truly limitless. With our partner Top Roof Marketing’s assistance, they are expecting great things on the horizon. Notably, experienced contractors from South Dakota and Ohio will be heading down to Georgia in the wintertime to help KCI Roofing with additional projects. It is yet another facet of how our network can connect enterprising contractors to experienced professionals—even if they are across the country.

Outlooks, Future Plans, and Closing Thoughts

Contractors join our network to receive:

  • Network-backed Guarantees
  • Support from Fellow Roofers
  • Shared Marketing Strategies
  • Group Discount Purchasing
  • Occasional Leads
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  • For us, the opportunity to work with KCI Roofing for a week, and see such great results come from it, is another strong validation of our network’s support model.
  • Newer and experienced contractors alike benefit from our mentorship from successful contractors like Sam, free lead generation, professional commercial roofing training, key partnerships, and more.
  • Sam also reinforces that our network stands out for the level of support it offers. Simply put, there are few opportunities today in which new commercial contractors can benefit directly from the guidance and assistance of a veteran contractor and product expert, right on the job site.
  • For the future, Shane says that “he’s surprised by all the opportunities opening up with him.” He also relays his excitement about “opening up the Southeast with Conklin products while representing Choice Roof Contractor Group with quality service and trust.”
  • On top of what they are doing, Shane plans to establish an office in southern Georgia. And he is in the process of hiring and training a commercial roofing telemarketer for even greater outreach.

You Can Benefit, As Well

On top of free lead generation, mentorship, professional training, nationwide reputation, discounted products, and more, Choice Roof Contractor Group offers great job opportunities through our extensive business relationships. We have been privileged to serve some of the biggest franchises and nationally known brands in the United States.

Should you be interested in more commercial roofing projects, give us a call at (800) 670-5583. We will be happy to share more details of how our network members have been growing to new heights with our help!

The Reasons Contractors Don’t Follow Their Passions, and How to Overcome the Obstacles

overcome obstaclesThe life of a roofing contractor is a busy one. It is also hard work resulting in plenty of headaches and sore muscles. Anyone in this industry is usually characterized as a breed onto himself or herself because they find the work rewarding despite the long hours and physical aches. They enjoy working with their hands and creating functional structures that stand the hardships of time and weather.

Following a passion to be a successful commercial roofer requires building a business that can withstand general business obstacles and those specific to the building trade.

There are three reasons roofing contractors don’t follow their passions:

• Change
• Disorganization
• Lack of knowledge or experience

Reason #1 – Change

Metal Roof HelpChange is inevitable in most things encountered in life, but more so when it comes to business because we are such creatures of habit and there is usually a price tag associated with changes in the workplace. We find it difficult to change the way we do things, especially when how we have done it in the past yields results that are acceptable. New technologies, and new expectations from owners can lead to a necessary change in regards to materials used, tools or labor.

When it comes to making changes, the biggest obstacle tends to be our attitude. Just the thought of having to learn new things or add a new task can seem overwhelming to a roofing contractor. This is especially true when the change involves new technology.

Roofers need to envision how the change will increase productivity or result in bigger profits before the thought of change becomes appealing to them. Seeing the demonstrations of how much faster a task can be accomplished when a new tool is implemented is a good example of overcoming the obstacle of change.

Reason #2 – Being Disorganized

Commercial Metal RoofCommon requirements of running a successful business can become a mental drain, especially for someone who would rather be outside working instead of pushing pen and paper. A successful business has to involve a high level of organization to run smoothly. Being disorganized is a common reason for business failure and can dismantle the passion a person experiences for being an entrepreneur.

Overcoming disorganization requires outsourcing, planning and organizational tools. The best way to cope with a task that you are not good at is to hire someone with the talents you lack. Delegate organizational tasks to office staff members who are paid well to perform them well. Invest in planning and financial software designed to keep a business better organized. Networking with other business owners in the community is a good resource for solving many of the obstacles that exist in the everyday running of a business.

Reason #3 – Lack of knowledge or Experience

Roof Contractor SupportMany roofing contractors, especially when they are new in business, lack the knowledge or experience to bid successfully on bigger jobs. They have the passion for growing a business and this requires successfully pulling in larger roofing contracts. In order to be the successful bidder, they have to have the proper combination of price, materials and labor. We all dream big and want to see our dreams come true quickly, but the truth is it takes a lot of support to win the first round of large roofing contracts.

One way to overcome the obstacles faced because of lack of knowledge or experience is to work with a group of individuals who have the expertise needed. Knowing the ropes when it comes to better materials, proper tools and ways to get more productivity out of a crew or how to limit manpower without sacrificing quality are the things that a good group can impart to a roofing contractor looking to expand. Having great support can instill hope and keep the flames of passion burning.

Overcome these obstacles today

Roofing contractors that desire to run a successful commercial roofing company can achieve their passion when they learn to accept that change can be good, and that embracing an organized office can be a desirable thing and also that accepting the guidance of those who have already overcome the obstacles is the fastest track to realizing their passion.

To learn all the different ways we help contractors grow quickly in the commercial roofing industry, visit our Contractor Network Support page.

EPDM Roof Coating vs. Replacement

epdm base coatingToday’s blog post provides an overview of the benefits involved with coating EPDM rubber roofs compared to roof replacement. It will be of interest to commercial property owners and facility mangers, as it covers how a white coating system can strengthen an EPDM rubber roof’s durability and longevity.

The National Roofing Contractors Association reports that EPDM rubber roofing accounts for 25% of the roofing market. It is also estimated that over 1 billion square feet of EPDM rubber roofing is applied on new projects each year, making it a leading option in the roofing industry today.

Like all commercial roof systems, EPDM roofing can be susceptible to a number of problems, such as water seeping into a building through an exposed seam or other vulnerable area. A roof coating offers a solution to these problems, as it covers these vulnerabilities and builds on the natural strengths of the EPDM rubber roof system.

Here are a few ways in which a roof coating system can enhance this great-performing roof system’s value.

Benefits of an EPDM Roof Coating

epdm fabric embedded• Seamless roofing protection. Many EPDM rubber roofs come with seams. While they are often sealed off with high-performance product such as strong seam tape, over time the sun’s powerful energy can cause the seams to come apart. Water can then infiltrate the building through these exposed areas and form leaks.

A roof coating system will take care of this potential trouble, though. When applied, the roof coating hardens and forms a seamless, monolithic barrier over the existing EPDM roof surface. With this new, seamless membrane covering it, the old EPDM roof will be sealed off from the elements. Notably, a highly reflective coating will dramatically reduce roof temperatures to prevent expansion and shrinking in hot/cold weather as well as cracking. Additionally, a Conklin roof coating membrane system can offer further value with the extra seam reinforcement it delivers. On top of durable roof coating products, a Conklin roof coating membrane system makes use of Spunflex, a high-performance fabric product with military-grade strength. Spunflex is applied over the seams, along with the coating products.

Savings on expensive roof tear-off and replacement. When an EPDM rubber roof suffers damage, the default option is to have it replaced. But industry studies confirm that many commercial roofs in general are replaced prematurely. In fact, some studies have found that as many as 70-80% of commercial roofs are replaced before they need be. With tens of thousands of dollars in expenses involved with a complete roof replacement – notwithstanding the delay in business operations and the sunk costs that come with it – it is important to consider the full drawbacks on top of the merits of a replacement job.

In many cases, a roof coating is better than a roof replacement. On top of shoring up an EPDM roof’s trouble areas like seams, a coating membrane system extends the life of the old EPDM roof. Since the coating forms a new membrane over the existing EPDM roof, in effect the new coating membrane system is equivalent to a new commercial roof.

This means it will keep the old roof safe for years to come. And the cost of re-coating the coated EPDM roof in the future will be dramatically less than a replacement job. It has been estimated a building owner can save around 50% on avoided roof replacement costs with a Conklin roof coating application.

epdm white roof coatingGreatly enhanced potential for energy savings. With the emergence of energy-efficient roofing on the scene, there have been some great energy-efficient roofing products that have come-to-market. White roofing systems are one such innovation—a building’s energy consumption can now be reduced with the help of a reflective, white roof system installed on the building’s overhead. In the case of EPDM roofing, the vast majority of which are black in color, there is room for strong energy savings.

Here are a few things our Conklin white roof coating systems do for EPDM roofing:

• Reflect up to 85% of the sun’s rays off the building, which helps it stay cool without greater energy consumption
• Instantly takes care of dark EPDM roofing’s tendency to absorb most of the sun’s heat and then release it at night
• Reduces the consequences of the “Urban Heat Island Effect
• Can save a building owner anywhere from 30-50% on annual cooling costs
• Reduces the strain put on the building’s HVAC equipment, which leads to reduced costs for HVAC equipment maintenance, repairs, or replacement
• Makes old EPDM roof ENERGY STAR® certified with all those associated benefits
• Can reduce a building’s electricity use during seasons of peak electricity demand
• Reduce the building’s reliance upon the electricity grid
• Lessen the building’s environmental footprint
• Room for saving on heating costs in wintertime with a white-colored Conklin spray polyurethane foam system

In short, there are many energy-saving possibilities that arise when an EPDM roof is coated so it has a white, reflective membrane over it.

Protect Your EPDM Roof with Conklin Roof Coatings

Roofing Services

Our professional commercial roof contractors provide:

  • Roof maintenance & repair
  • Inspections & leak detection
  • Energy efficient roof systems
  • Complete roof replacement
  • Roof life-extending solutions
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At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we chose Conklin coating products because of their track record and extent of use. Over the past 40+ years, Conklin products have been applied on 2 billion square feet nationwide. In fact, many of the Conklin coating systems installed back in the 1970s are going strong and on the job today.

On top of the benefits above, Conklin roof coatings can offer you the following:

  • Substantial savings on roof replacement and roof repairs over potentially decades
  • Often Backed by non-prorated guarantees on 100% of labor and material costs for up to 18 years
  • Easy and simple way to address current roof repair needs and lessen potential for future roofing trouble
  • Non-disruptive and easily applied without having any need to close your building’s doors
  • Strengthens your building’s envelope and structural support with little-to-no extra deadweight
  • Fewer roof upkeep needs- typically requires only annual or bi-annual cleansing with its superior dirt and discoloration resistance
  • Exceptional durability, lasting strength, and strong protection against leaks and other problems for decades

Should you be interested in learning more about our Conklin coating products or how we can benefit you, do not hesitate to contact us. We can arrange for you a free, local roof estimate when you call us at 800-670-5583. 

Choice Roof Contractor Mentor Takes Nationwide Road Tour

“Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to stand out and try.” – Zig Ziglar

There have been many stories of how our nationwide contractor support network has been presenting life-changing opportunities. But we really got to see things in action when Senior Mentor, Sam Hostetler, took to the road for a three-week tour across the United States.

Over those many days, Sam spoke with not only people already involved, but also individuals looking to see how they could benefit from joining the network. The trip was inspiring on many levels, but especially in regards to how important it can be to commercial roofers to take full advantage of the marketing, mentorship and training opportunities offered to them, as well as the rewards experienced by Sam, as he works alongside and experiences the growth potential in each individual.

6,500+ Mile Trip Across the United States

mapFrom Montana to Texas, Colorado to Georgia; the nationwide tour presented unique opportunities to connect with many new as well as experienced contractors who were at different stages of their business involvement in commercial roofing. The roofers Sam met with became enthralled with the idea of using the Conklin coatings and membranes because of the proven track record the company is known for and they also quickly recognized the income-building potential that is attractive to roofing contractors during times when income is typically decreasing – such as off-season or as they approach retirement age. Another area that Sam found to be appealing to the roofers he spoke with on his trip is the service guarantee that is offered to contractors who choose to become a part of the Choice Roof opportunity because being able to offer this type of guarantee even when companies go out of business or change hands is a huge selling point.

Sam met with plenty of new contractors and salespeople at the two-day hands-on Conklin roof systems training, including the team from KCI Roofing, Cudeso, Bright Spot Wind & Solar, and an equipment dealer’s sales representative. These businessmen came from all over the U.S. to learn about Conklin roof products and to experience in person the important benefits of joining our network being offered to them, including:

Free Guide: How to Switch to Commercial

Commercial Roofing Book

    • Added credibility to close more jobs
    • Commercial roofing leads
    • Life time support/knowledge from the group
    • Discounted product pricing
    • Dedicated marketing support
    • Advanced product knowledge
    • Demonstrations, presentations and more

    Next, Sam traveled to Georgia, where he met with contractors and our partner, Spray Foam Systems. Energy efficiency is so important, especially in today’s economy, and Spray Foam Systems partnership gives roofing contractors joining the network the ability to offer spray foam roofing and insulation services. In addition, Spray Foam Systems also provides free, live technical support on their equipment and has the capability to ship immediately all ordered parts and supplies to guarantee customer satisfaction with delivery.

    In Texas, Sam was excited to meet up with and to introduce the network to Cory Stone, president of Ultimate Choice Roofing in Lewisville, Texas. During Sam’s stay, Cory made the decision to add Conklin products to his portfolio. Other contractors Sam spoke with include Kyle Davis of Super Roof Man of Fort Worth, TX and Michael Rankin of Horizon Construction in Austin, TX. Sam also liaised with team members Brian Reid and Ian Myers. Sam was able to connect with these and many more high caliber people on his trip, all of whom were attracted to the exciting benefits being offered because they were quick to realize that this is the only business opportunity that allows people to go out and the more they help fellow roofers by bringing them into the network, this will in turn lead to a higher level of success for them as well.

    Leaving Texas, Sam traveled to Montana, passing through Colorado along the way; meeting and greeting many more roofing contractors interested in building relationships, adding great products and services to their portfolios and receiving the mentorship and support from expert commercial roofers. Sam became convinced that building a network with the Choice Roof Contractor Group and giving as many contractors the opportunity to receive the tools, support and opportunity they need to grow their companies was the way to go for everyone involved. The networking opportunity offered allows everyone involved to make a lot more for themselves and to go further than they may have dreamed or imagined they could achieve on their own. What has been created so far is but a drop in the bucket and there is still an “untouched frontier” to develop in the roofing industry. Choice Roof Contractor Group has proven its ability to build up successful commercial roofing businesses for contractors, and expert mentorship is the vessel that will allow virtually anyone with the entrepreneurial dream to achieve their financial and business desires.

    How Choice Roof Contractor Group Leverages Conklin Roofing Systems

    Why Contractors Join Our Network

    • Lead Generation
    • Mentorship Program
    • Complete Training
    • Discounted Pricing
    • Marketing Support
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    Our support group is possible because of the synergy between Choice Roof Contractor Group and Conklin Roofing Systems. Choice Roof Contractor Group offers lead generation, life time mentorship, strong profit potential with discounted, reliable roofing products, creditable training, endorsement with our nationwide network. Conklin Roofing Systems stands out with the best roofing products because they are a pioneer of acrylic roofing systems, have non-prorated warranties, been in the industry for 40+ years, have an outstanding reputation, offer watertight coating solutions with no seams, and roofs that can withstand harsh hail and hurricane-force winds.

    Sam’s nationwide road tour exposed the great need roofing contractors have to hope for and to boost their self-confidence. Hope and confidence boosting tools and support can be found in both a network that stands behind them and in a quality product that stands the test of time; both of which gives all those who join the network confidence to not only stand out and try but to succeed in the quest to build financially successful businesses.

    To talk to Sam or one of our other expert commercial roofers about our network or why they provide so much support and share their trade secrets, use the form at our contact page.

    White Roof Coating Cost

    Today’s blog post will be of interest to building owners and facility managers, as it provides an overview of the cost of white roof coatings. Known for their ability to “restore” a commercial roof and make it an energy-saving asset, white roof coatings are often far more cost-effective than a complete commercial roof replacement. However, when it comes to roof coatings themselves, just what costs do they involve?

    When looking at the cost of roof coatings, there are a few things to keep in mind. People should think of what a roof coating job will require in terms of cost per square foot. Plus, a distinction must be made between jobs with only one roof coating application and jobs where a complete roof coating system is applied to an existing roof membrane. These factors will help in weighing the cost burdens of both options as how well each option truly performs.

    According to industry experts, material costs for just a roof coating application can range from $0.50-$2.50 per square foot. These costs will definitely vary based on location and dynamics of local roofing markets, though. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also provides a cost estimate of at least $0.75 per square foot for roof coating materials on low slope roofs. Installation costs depend on your local market, the experience of the contractor, and other factors.

    Find Out How Much Your Project Will Cost

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    On the other hand, applying a complete white roof coating system on an existing roof membrane involves more material inputs.

    A comprehensive white roof coating system typically starts at $1.10 per square foot for just materials. However, it offers far more durability and longevity than a single coating application presents since it includes primer, fabric and usually a base coat as well.

    Why is the Membrane Coating System Superior to a Single Roof Coating Application?

    energy saving roof coatingFor one, the membrane coating system requires more extensive preparation than a single coating application. The existing commercial roof surface must be vigorously cleansed and prepared before the membrane coating system’s primer is applied. Because of the extensive prep work involved, the membrane coating system tends to be more long-lasting than a simple coating application does.

    The membrane coating system is fully adhered, has more than one layer of protection, and is capped off by a top coat which is completely seamless. On top of these features, the membrane coating system also comes with an exceptionally strong, fully-knit polyester fabric. This great-performing fabric material – known as Spunflex reinforced fabric – meets military-grade standards for performance. The Spunflex fabric is used to reinforce an existing commercial roof’s seams and exposed areas around protrusions, rooftop units, curbs, and more. The end result is that the commercial roof’s strength and durability are substantially enhanced. In turn, that dramatically improves the roof’s resistance to splitting or rupturing, even over time.

    These features make the membrane coating system an exceptional waterproofing agent, give it greater longevity than other coating solutions available today, and render it a strong-performing solution against leaks and other roofing problems.

    What Are Other Benefits of White Roof Coatings?

    Pros & Cons of Various Roofing Systems

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    So, a membrane coating system will have less-demanding expense burdens over its lifespan than a single coating application will experience. With the “white” roof surface of the membrane coating system, though, what are some other benefits that building owners and facility managers can enjoy?

    • ENERGY STAR® certified roofing protection and possible tax benefits
    • Up to 85% reflectivity of sun’s heat energy and lowered roof surface temperature by 80°
    • More comfortable and cooler building interior or workplace
    • Potentially 30% savings in annual cooling costs
    • Up to 15% reduction in annual utility costs
    • Lower upkeep and maintenance costs for a building’s HVAC system
    • Lower repair and maintenance costs for damage from sun’s deteriorating effects

    In fact, the Conklin white roof coating systems we apply can pay for themselves in 5-7 years with annual energy savings!

    The energy-saving potential of white roofs has been well-documented. The Urban Green Council has estimated that white roofs on commercial buildings could generate 89% net energy savings. Plus, recently in 2010, it was estimated that if 85% of air-conditioned buildings in the United States had white roofs, building owners and facility owners could see $735 million in annual energy savings. There are many case studies or industry analyses demonstrating white roofs’ credibility and superiority over white roof paint as well.

    Why Go With White Roof Coatings?

    metal roof coatingHere are a few other reasons that put the value of white roof coatings in context:

    • White roof coatings reflect that vast majority of the sun’s heat energy instead of absorbing it
    • They offer a powerful solution to the “urban heat island effect” of concern today
    • They have “elastomeric” properties, or the ability to easily expand and contract in hot and cold temperature extremes
    • They generally do not involve roof tear-off, disposal, or other costly, time-consuming procedures associated with roof replacement
    • They are excellent resisters of cracking and weathering caused by long-term sun exposure
    • They reduce a building’s carbon footprint and lessen its reliance on the electricity grid
    • White roof coatings greatly counter the adverse effects of greenhouse gas emissions and are “sustainable” building materials
    • They lower peak energy demand in the summer season

    In short, white roof coatings can enhance a building’s performance, lower its energy consumption, strengthen its eco-friendliness, and help save thousands in energy costs.

    Our Nationwide Contractor Network’s Value Proposition

    Need an Expert?

    Our group works together to provide:

    • Larger Base of Knowledge
    • Group-Wide Accountability
    • One Source for All Projects
    • Set Standards for Service
    • More Peace of Mind
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    As a forward-thinking group of commercial roofing specialists, Choice Roof Contractor Group has seen the value of white roof coatings and energy-efficient roofing solutions in general. That is why we use Conklin’s line of high-performance, energy-efficient roofing products.

    Here are a few ways Conklin roofing products stand out:

    • Can increase an aging commercial roof’s life for decades
    • Best-in-class waterproofing solutions among the many available today
    • No seams, no more leaks, and reduced opportunities for trouble
    • ENERGY STAR° certified and all associated benefits and huge cost-saving potential
    • Can save 30-50% in annual cooling costs depending on the roof system
    • Greatly strengthen a building’s overhead with little-to-no extra deadweight
    • Fewer roof maintenance and upkeep demands every year
    • Non-prorated warranty guarantees on 100% of labor and material costs
    • Save up to 50% on avoided roof replacement costs

    Conklin roofing products have been installed on over 2 billion square feet nationwide, and they have a reported warranty claims rate of less than 0.5% – a testament to their efficacy. Should you be interested in learning more about how our nationwide network can benefit you, give us a call at (800) 670-5583.


    5 Qualities Thriving Entrepreneurs Have

    All entrepreneurs come from different backgrounds and have varying interests, abilities, and leadership styles. But take a good look at the people who are thriving in their business, and you’ll likely see they have many traits in common. It’s no secret—there are certain traits that are connected to business success. For instance, one quality that stands out among successful businesspersons is their ability to set goals, even on a daily basis.

    commercial trainingThe most successful business owners didn’t necessarily have these traits come to them naturally, though. They were qualities that they had to develop over time. From a personal standpoint, developing these traits in one’s life is a matter of time and commitment. It just requires being aware of the areas that could be better and setting goals each daily to improve them.

    For inspiration, here are 5 traits that all successful business owners have in common.

    5 Qualities Prosperous Businesspeople Have

    • They are committed. It may be obvious, but the most successful business owners are the ones who take their businesses seriously. Bringing a sense of your purpose to your business does far more than just establish credibility. It does wonders for setting goals, determining priorities, taking action, and achieving objectives. It involves not only coming up with a vision for your business, but also mapping out a pathway and strategies to get there and making the rest of your company aware of the vision and what it’ll take to get there.It also involves starting focused on your company on a daily basis, as achieving success requires consistent focus no matter if a day’s good or bad.After all, lasting success isn’t achieved in a day, but over time, and consistent focus will help drive new opportunities and pathways for attaining it.
    • They are passionate. Successful business people are not only hyper-focused on their business and company vision. They’re also passionate about what they do. Their enthusiasm, in turn, spreads to people around them. Others feed off their positive energy and in turn it translates into their own efforts. Building up and maintaining passion for your own business will not only help you keep committed for the long haul, but will be great for strengthening employee morale and productivity. Passion will also keep you going in the rougher times so you can keep a strong focus on your objectives and take the steps needed to achieve them.
    • They are forward-thinking. Technology is constantly changing. Understanding its importance and its applications in your field of business is vital. In the commercial roofing industry, this point has even stronger emphasis. There have been many innovations made in roofing product technology, the methods available for inspecting a commercial roof, and other areas. Being aware of new innovations will help you stay competitive and will assist you in determining in whether using them in your business will increase the value you offer. Of course, this is just one part of staying educated about your industry and what’s taking place inside it. As the old chestnut goes, “Education is power,” and there’s no understating its importance to the foundation of any successful business venture.
    • They are value-minded. The most successful business owners understand the importance of strong customer relationships. Having solid rapport with your customer base, of course, means continuing to offer them value over time. A savvy business owner not only makes sure that his or her customers continue to find value in what they are buying. They also find new ways to strengthen that value proposition. In a service-based sector such as the commercial roofing industry, it’s especially important. Relationships are a cornerstone of any business, but the most successful commercial roofing companies thrive on them for referrals and ongoing work. Be keenly aware of the value your business offers to your customers, look for ways in which it can be increased (e.g., increasing convenience or job efficiency for the customer), and it’s likely you’ll see better business performance and new opportunities open up as a result.
    • They are unafraid. Whether someone’s an experienced business owner or budding entrepreneur, having the grit to take the first step toward achieving new goals is vital. After all, every business involves risk and uncertainty. The future can be less-than-clear, and the steps needed to achieve new company milestones may be obscure. Nevertheless, being unafraid to chart new paths, try out new ways of doing things, or even reorganizing current ways you do things is a critical part of any successful business. Every successful entrepreneur can speak of one time at which they faced risk and uncertainty and yet had the fortitude to meet it head-on. You’ll no doubt come across opportunities to be strategic and flexible but also courageous in building your own success story along the course of your company’s journey, as well.

    Looking to Build a Prosperous Commercial Roofing Business? Choice Roof Contractor Group Can Help!

    If you’re looking to take your roofing business to the next level, Choice Roof Contractor Group offers a great platform for equipping you with the resources and support you require. Our nationwide contractor support network will connect you with specialized resources, dedicated roofing experts as accessible mentors, and a wide-varying knowledge base you can tap into for your own particular business needs. Our contractor members enjoy many benefits, including:

    • Lifetime mentorship from successful, experienced roofing professionals
    • First-rate coaching for bringing in sales
    • Occasional Leads for qualified contractors
    • Customized, full-service marketing support
    • Huge profit potential with discounted roofing products
    • Creditable nationwide endorsement with our contractor network behind you
    • So much more!

    Our network of contractors is dedicated to offering building owners the best in service, workmanship, and protection quality. Many roofing contractors have reported adding a six-figure income stream to their roofing business in their second year of using the systems we use.

    Should you be interested in what our contractor support network can offer you and your roofing business, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-670-5583 or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

    The Importance of Professional Commercial Roofing Training

    Today’s blog post examines why creditable training for commercial roofing is vital, especially in the face of growing trends within the construction industry as a whole.

    Today’s content will be of interest to roofing contractors, as it relates directly to their services and even their roofing companies’ performance. Building owners and facility managers may also be interested in learning how these industry trends can affect how their commercial roofing needs are handled.

    Growing Trends in Construction

    commercial trainingIn terms of labor, the construction industry is expected to grow over the next decade or so. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that 1.6 million new jobs will be added to the construction industry between 2012 and 2022. On top of this 10-year projection, the Department of Labor forecasts the construction labor market will grow by 2.6% each year.

    There are other things to consider on top of this good news, though. Two big factors are the rising demand for skilled construction laborers and how the construction industry may be facing a skilled worker shortage in due time.

    During the Great Recession, the construction industry took a hit, and many skilled workers left and found jobs in other industries. A good percentage of these capable professionals did not return to construction after it began recovering. As a result, it set the stage for a gap between demand for workers with construction expertise and the amount of skilled construction workers who were available to satisfy the heightened demand for labor.

    Another contributor to the growing gap between construction labor supply and demand is the simple fact that many skilled workers have retired. These decreases in the construction workforce are not being filled quickly with younger workers, either. Many young people, feeling the social pressure of going to college, have not been shown the satisfaction, financial benefits, and many other merits of a career in construction.

    How Does All This Affect Commercial Roofing?

    Free Guide: How to Switch to Commercial

    Commercial Roofing Book

      While these dynamics are emerging in the entire construction industry, they are definitely growing factors in the commercial roofing industry as well. There are many reasons for why this is the case.

      • Many companies provide other construction services on top of commercial roofing services for increasing the scope of their customer base.
      • Many roofing companies also have strategic relationships with larger construction companies, as these construction firms sub-contract their roofing work out to their local roofing partners.
      • Changing dynamics in the whole construction industry also have big implications for commercial roofing contractors when new construction projects roll around.

      Because of these trends, the need for professional training in best commercial roofing practices has become even greater. In the commercial space, the need for creditable, professional roofing training and instruction is even more pronounced. Commercial projects can involve tens of thousands of dollars in expenses, and there is intensive demand for precise workmanship and expert servicing as a result.

      For roofing contractors who are driven and committed to offering building owners the best workmanship and service possible, these trends provide some great opportunities for business growth.

      Great Roofing Training Opportunities Available with Nationwide Contractor Network

      Related Event: Workshop & Forum

      • Cross-sharing of best marketing strategies
      • Breakthrough barriers holding back growth
      • See how to benefit from helping others
      • Gain tips for more efficient installation

      Learn More

      For quality-minded contractors, Choice Roof Contractor Group offers a powerful solution for this growing need. We connect our members with a proven, hands-on commercial roof systems training so they are ready to handle the gamut of commercial roof repair, maintenance, restoration, and replacement needs.

      We work closely with a trusted roofing products manufacturer, Conklin, which has been in the business of innovating cutting-edge roofing products for 40+ years. Conklin was the engineering force behind the first acrylic roof coating for the commercial roofing industry, and it has continued in its record of product innovation ever since with 2 billion sq. ft. applied nationwide.

      With this close partnership, enterprising contractors receive not only endorsed professional training and complete, hands-on experience in Conklin’s commercial roofing systems, but also marketing and sales strategies to land more commercial jobs. At the training program, veteran contractors also share trade secrets and key insights on how they built up successful roofing companies in their own right.

      Afterward, training attendees are given complete commercial roofing reference materials and official status as a recognized Conklin roofing product applicators.

      What Else Does Choice Roof Contractor Group Offer?

      Among the many training and support groups out there, Choice Roof Contractor Group stands out for its exclusive lifetime mentorship program from highly-successful, veteran roofing contractors. No matter what stage of development your roofing company stands at, our experienced mentors will give you:

      • Answers to any question related to roofing work, product benefits, roof condition, or anything you need expert feedback on
      • Easily accessible support where you can communicate with them via phone, text, email, pictures, or more
      • A complete resource of expert knowledge, capability, and advice for when you need it most
      • In-depth coaching on how to land commercial roofing jobs and close them
      • Ongoing support and mentorship to help you build up your roofing business for the lifetime of its development

      Interested in learning about how our network’s support can help you get the professional training you need? Then give us a call at 800-670-5583.

      Conklin Roof Contractors – Local Free Quote

      Conklin roofingWhen selecting a Conklin roofing contractor, the building owner benefits from much more than just reliable, long-term protection. Conklin roofing systems offer tremendous energy savings, reduced long-term maintenance costs, less impact on the environmental, and non-prorated warranties spanning up to 20 years.

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      Because these roof systems offer gains in the short run as well, a building owner who selects a Conklin roof contractor can be sure that he or she is receiving first-rate service. We examine below more reasons for why this is the case.

      Conklin Roofing Contractor Expertise

      conklin roof contractorTo be able to install warrantied Conklin roofing systems, contractors are required to go to product training for in-depth classroom and hands-on instruction in proper application regardless of how much experience they have. In this training program, professionals learn the correct applications of Conklin products for all roof types and the troubleshooting of issues.

      When they emerge from roof systems training, these Conklin roof contractors are ready to properly tackle commercial roofing needs with the entire product line. Because of the quality training the roofers receive and the quality of the products they use, building owners can be sure that they will receive great support for their demands.

      Schedule Inspection800-670-5583
      Choice Roof Contractor Group builds on top of Conklin roofing training by offering an ongoing support program. In this exclusive program, members of our network receive access to highly successful and experienced roof contractors, or “senior mentors”, for the life of their businesses’ development. These veterans extend full accessibility via picture text messaging, social media, phone contact, email, and other forms of communication so they can answer any question a new member may have. Plus, our senior mentors will fly down to a new member’s location to help him, should they deem it necessary.

      Building owners who go with a Choice Roof Contractor can therefore trust that their needs are being serviced by a top-quality contractor with around-the-clock access to quality reference and support resources.

      Long-term Roofing Needs Covered

      conklin trainingConklin’s coating systems have been shown to last for decades, a remarkable feat in the building industry, and these roof restoration systems stand out with non-prorated warranties. In addition, since the mid 1970s these products have been installed on over 2 billion square feet of roofing throughout the United States, and many of them are still performing at high standards today.


      Strong Quality Standards

      Once someone applies to our network, he is carefully vetted by a board of experienced roofers for professionalism and reliability. All members who join our network, in turn, agree to abide by strict quality standards for professional conduct, treatment, and all-round excellence. Because of our members’ shared commitment to these high-quality standards, our group enjoys a strong reputation for quality service and customer needs fulfillment. Roofing is a serious investment as well as a need that all of our members do not take lightly.

      For your benefit, we offer extensive coverage with our nationwide network. Should you need more information about how one of our members can be a great fit for your needs, feel free to contact us at 800-670-5583.

      The Benefits of a Fully Adhered Roof System

      Today’s blog post takes a look at the merits of installing a fully adhered roof system on a commercial building. We start by examining what a fully adhered roof system is, and then proceed to examine the benefits it provides. We conclude by looking at this system in the context of a multi-ply spray foam roof system.

      What is a Fully Adhered Roof?

      commercial roofingAccording to industry experts, “fully adhered” refers to when a roofing product, such as EPDM membrane roofing, is “glued” to a substrate with a commercial-grade adhesive. These adhesive products are carefully engineered to have strong chemical bonding capabilities so the roofing material being applied stays tightly on top. An adhesive product is applied in a continuous layer along the dimensions of the rooftop – for instance, EPDM membrane roofing requires the adhesive to be applied to its backside as well as the dimensions of the substrate’s own.

      Roofing professionals note it is best to adhere the membrane product to an insulation system. In most cases, commercial roofing contractors will use insulation cover board. When covering areas with angle changes, such as locations around rooftop units, walls, or curbs, the roof membrane is fastened and adhered for more effective long-term anchoring.

      Building product manufacturers tend to give fully adhered roof systems the highest ratings for wind resistance. However, third party testing authority Factory Mutual assigns its highest wind ratings to mechanically fastened roof systems. Factory Mutual puts a higher premium on mechanically fastened roof systems in this performance measure since they are easily secured in weak points such as areas around a roof’s corners or perimeters.

      What are the Benefits of Fully Adhered Roofing?

      Ask about our fully adhered Conklin® Flexion membrane system!

      • Strong flexibility in temperature extremes
      • Natural premium fire resistance
      • Rugged durability and tensile strength
      • Reflects 83% of sun’s heat energy
      • Works in virtually all climates
      • 20-year, non-prorated warranty

      Learn More

      Installers are available

      Despite concerns about wind uplift, a fully adhered roof has many benefits that offer value. Full adherence is particularly a regularly-used method for securing single-ply roofing systems to commercial building overheads. Here are four quick benefits that explain why this roofing system is valuable:

      • Fully adhered roof systems tend to have great aesthetic appeal.

      Performance value, longevity, and long-term costs are all driving concerns for building architects and commercial construction professionals. But aesthetics is an important point of consideration as well. Other methods of securing a roof system to the substrate can be less appealing, as they make use of fasteners or ballast to keep the roof system anchored. The sight of many fasteners can disturb a commercial roof’s uniformity in its overall appearance. Moreover, ballast does not offer the flexibility for aesthetic concerns that full adherence can present. After all, the adhesive products that keep the roof membrane secured are hidden from view beneath the roof membrane’s surface.

      • Fully adhered roofs tend to have little trouble with roof membrane fluttering.

      The popular alternative to a fully adhered roof, a mechanically fastened roof, makes use of fasteners to keep the roofing membrane secure. But these fasteners do not account for as much square footage of the commercial roofing membrane as adhesive products do. Once an insulation system has been fastened onto a roof deck, in a fully adhered roof system every square foot of the membrane is secured to the insulation system. Because of the membrane’s stronger bonds to the insulation per square foot, the installed roof membrane tends not to flutter around as much when powerful winds roll around.

      • Full roof adhesion is a time-tested roof securing method.

      Innovations in the commercial construction sector have brought about many product novelties, such as cool roof coatings and their applications. Drawing from this wave of innovation, new methods for construction work like full roof adhesion arose in the 1960s. Fully adhered roofs specifically appeared in the mid-1960s, and ever since then full adhesion has become a time-proven method in the process of roof installation. Today, millions of square feet of fully adhered single-ply roofing systems have been installed. Many commercial building owners opt to have their roofs installed to the underlying substrate with this method due to fully adhered roofs’ performance value and track record of longevity, as seen in many single-ply roofs today.

      The areas where a fully adhered system can begin peeling and then fail – namely the areas around roof perimeters, curbs, walls, and appliances—can be addressed by ensuring these areas stay strong and intact. Cutting down on opportunities for air infiltration into the roof system will also help—the seal-up of deck and wall interfaces are what is needed there.

      Fully Adhered, Multi-Ply Conklin® Spray Polyurethane Foam System

      spray foam roofingAs a nationwide network of commercial roofing specialists, Choice Roof Contractor Group understands the benefits and challenges that come with a fully adhered roof. That is why members of Choice Roof Contractors offer a multi-ply spray polyurethane foam system that makes up for the weaknesses to which a fully adhered roof is prone.

      Breaking it down, this multi-ply system is composed of:

      • Spray polyurethane foam insulation system
      • Base coat of roof coating product
      • Fabric-embedded coating system
      • Two layers of top-coat roof coating product

      On top of being a fully adhered system, this multi-ply roof is made up of many alternating layers of fully adhered, monolithic roof coating and spray foam products. It is completely without seams, which makes it impervious to leaks, and it therefore offers many benefits:

      • Significant tensile strength and exceptional durability
      • Performance value equivalent to that of a multi-layered built-up roofing system
      • Substantially improved wind resistance and greatly strengthened building structure provided by the multiple layers of roofing product applications
      • Roof damage is localized and repairs are easily made
      • Exceptionally long roof lifecycle—easily 40+ years or more—with proper roof maintenance and caretaking
      • Strong-performing roof system that generates huge savings on cooling and heating costs year-round
      • Completely seamless, completely waterproof, and fully adhered roof protection so leaks and other roof problems are kept at bay
      • No lateral water travel possible with a multi-ply spray polyurethane foam system
      • Easily applied on rooftops with challenging architectural designs or areas with difficult angle changes
      • Backed by non-prorated warranty guarantee covering 100% of labor and material costs

      Should you be interested in learning more about how this roofing system offers substantial protection value and energy savings over the long term, do not hesitate to contact us at 800-670-5583.