The Best Commercial Roofing Companies

best commercial roofing companyYour commercial roof is the first line of defense for your building and its valuable contents. In view of this, we cannot overstate the importance of trusting your roof only to a licensed, experienced contractor who has the proper resources to handle any problem that comes up.

So many roofing problems are the direct result of work that was performed by an inexperienced person and not done to code. Building owners can avoid those problems by only working with the very best roofing companies.

Choosing a Reliable Roofing Contractor

So, how do you find a reliable roofing contractor when it’s so hard to find someone good? What should you look for?

Here are some questions you should always find favorable answers to before hiring anyone to perform work on your roof:

roofing contractor

  • Is the company properly licensed and insured?
  • Do they have a positive track record among their customers?
  • Are their technicians professionally trained?
  • Do they have endorsements from top industry associations?
  • Do they offer non-prorated warranties that you can count on?
  • Do they offer best safety practices?
  • Are they certified by the manufacturer whose products they use?
  • Do they guarantee the work they perform?
  • Can they handle anything that comes up while servicing you?

Before you shake hands and sign on the dotted line, make sure the answers to these important questions are positive ones.

Your Best Source for Top Commercial Roofing Contractors

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Our group works together to provide:

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  • One Source for All Projects
  • Set Standards for Service
  • More Peace of Mind
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Did you know there is a nationwide association of professional roofing contractors from whom you will always receive favorable answers to the above questions? Endorsed members belonging to the Choice Roof Contractor Group must meet stringent requirements before membership is granted to them—which means commercial building owners can always trust that a group member will perform quality work that is backed by some of the best guarantees in the business!

In order to become part of the Choice Roof Contractor Group family, roofing contractors must have a good service record, maintain proper insurance and licensure and follow our standards of excellence.

When you choose a Choice Roof Contractor Group member, you can find peace of mind in knowing you’ll receive quality workmanship and reliable service—every single time! This is possible because of our group-wide accountability model and the way our members share their specialized knowledge with each other. We’re more than just an association of contractors – we work together as a nationwide team to deliver more value, excellence and peace of mind than we ever could independently.  

Choose from Among the Best Commercial Roofing Companies in the Nation!

To find a Choice Roof Contractor Group member in your area, call us today at (800) 670-5583 or visit the contact page on our website.


Types of Commercial Roofing Materials

types of commercial roofing materialsIf you’re a commercial or industrial building owner in need of a new roof or looking to put up a new structure, it can seem overwhelming as you debate between the many different types of commercial roofing materials out there in the marketplace. How can you know which one is the best choice for your specific building project?

Some of the most common types of commercial roofing materials include:

  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)
  • TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • SPF (spray polyurethane foam)
  • Asphalt rolls
  • Acrylic coatings

Keep reading as we explore the pros and cons of these various roofing materials to help pinpoint the right option for you!


epdm roofEthylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofing is commonly known as rubber roofing.

PROS: One of the biggest advantages of an EPDM roof is its price, as it is one of the most inexpensive roofing materials available. It is also comparatively easy to install and is very lightweight, so the roof deck doesn’t need to be reinforced. A high-quality EPDM roof can have a life expectancy of up to 20 years.

EPDM roofs are relatively durable and do not scuff or scratch easily. Further, though EPDM roofing material is black and, therefore, absorbs the heat, it is not easily damaged by UV rays.

CONS: Now, for the drawbacks of EPDM roofing. If you’re look for an aesthetically pleasing roof, this is probably not the type you want to choose. When rolled out on a roof, EPDM looks a bit like an unfurled inner tube. The black color, which is the color EPDM most typically comes in, can add a great deal of stress to your air conditioning systems because it absorbs the majority of the sun’s rays and exterior heat. EPDM is available in lighter colors to help it better reflect the heat, but opting for a lighter color will hike up your cost by about 30 percent.

Another disadvantage is EPDM roofs are prone to puncturing, so a hailstorm, falling branch or even a service person with the wrong kind of shoes can tear a hole in your roof. While it’s easy to repair a puncture, water can infiltrate and cause major problems if not patched quickly.

Additionally, it’s important to note that adhesives are used to bond seams. This is a drawback because there are longer-lasting methods available today when using other types of commercial roofing materials. Also, when an EPDM roof isn’t fully adhered, water can travel underneath the membrane. This makes detecting the point of a leak more difficult and also allows a leak to do far more damage to the underlying structure.


tpo roofA thermoplastic polyolefin roof(TPO) has become a very popular option, especially among commercial building owners.

PROS: Like EPDM roofing, TPO is one of the more inexpensive types of roofing material and is actually less expensive than EPDM in most cases. Because TPO is white, it helps reflect the sun, thus reducing heat buildup inside your structure.

Like EPDM, TPO is light weight and can also be installed in different ways; it can be directly fastened to the roof deck or fully adhered with adhesives to the roof deck. It is also resistant to corrosion and breakdown, isn’t prone to algae growth or mildew, and it doesn’t need to be pressure washed.

Another huge benefit is having heat-welded seams vs. the use of adhesives. When using TPO, the plastics in the membrane are literally melted together, creating a far more dependable bond between seams. With seams being mostly responsible for roof leaks, this is huge!

CONS: Surprisingly, the drawbacks to TPO roofing are plentiful. First, its quality varies widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, so unless it comes from a highly reputable maker you really don’t know what you’re going to get. TPO also comes in a broad variety of thicknesses, which further adds to the consistency problems associated with this type of roof.

Because the top layer of TPO roofing material is laminated, weak points are introduced that can cause shrinking, cracking, crazing and deterioration. TPO rolls also typically come in small widths, which means there are lots of seams when they’re installed, and this further adds to the roof’s weakness and fosters potential problems.

Another concern is fire. TPO itself is not fire resistant. Watching a couple videos on YouTube will show how dangerous this roofing system can be if the building ever catches fire and proper retardants aren’t integrated.

Overall, many consider TPO to still be an experimental membrane and is currently in the 4th generation of formulation. The Roofing Contractor’s Institute has ranked very high on the singly-ply membranes most problems list.


pvc roofPVC, or polyvinyl chloride, roofing is composed of two layers of PVC roof material with polyester acting as a reinforcement between the layers. The layers also include additives that make the material UV-stable and flexible, while also preventing curing. Like EPDM and TPO, it is lightweight.

PROS: On a flat or low-slope roof, PVC roofing’s lifespan is comparatively long, and it is also known for its durability. PVC is additionally resistant to moisture, fire, wind and chemicals, and the heat welding installation process used with PVC roofs creates a permanent bond between each roofing sheet and keeps the seams securely together.

CONS: There are a few downsides with PVC roofing. For one, it is an expensive option. PVC also tends to shrink over time, which can pull the seams, lift the corners and cause leaks. In cold weather, an older PVC roof is prone to shattering and puncturing, and PVC roofs can also be difficult to repair, as the hot air welds used on a new PVC roof don’t react well with an old roof.

Overall, PVC and TPO are usually compared a lot since they have similar advantages and are both heat-welded. The main differences are that PTO is more puncture resistant, PVC is more chemical resistant, TPO is better for the environment, and PVC is better for fire resistance. Either choice is usually better than EPDM, though.


spf roofA spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof is made from a form of plastic that transforms from a liquid into a solid in a matter of just seconds, while also expanding about 30 times as it dries.

PROS: SPF roofing is a sustainable choice that can pay for itself in terms of energy savings. A good multi-layer SPF system (such as spray foam covered with layers of premium acrylic roof coating) has outstanding tensile strength and durability, with a reflective top coat that helps building owners save on energy costs. With proper maintenance and regular roof coatings, an SPF roof can last 40+ years or more. The expansion properties of an SPF roof enable the product to effectively seal off gaps and crannies, making the entire roof watertight and airtight.

Unlike the other options, SPF provides insulation to save both heat and A/C, enhances building structural support while being lightweight, self-curbs around protrusions, and can be used to correct ponding water or more effectively channel water to drains by simply spraying more spray foam in areas that need built up.

CONS: Because SPF roofing is the product of a chemical reaction between two liquid compounds, it must be applied in a carefully calibrated way or the spray foam that results will not last long-term. It can take a roofing contractor a long time to master the application of this specialized system, and specialized training is needed, as well. SPF roofing can also be difficult and expensive to remove – which may be necessary if not properly maintained.

Asphalt Rolled Roofing

asphalt roofAsphalt rolled roofing is commonly used on buildings with low-slope roofs. It is composed of the same materials that are used to make asphalt shingles.

PROS: Asphalt rolled roofing is one of the more inexpensive roofing types, and it is also a relatively easy type of roof to install.

CONS: Asphalt rolled roofing has a very short life expectancy compared to other types of roofs, typically lasting only about 10 years before it needs to be replaced. Since this type of roofing product is rolled out and then stuck together at the seams, problems commonly develop where the rolls join together, which increases the necessity for maintenance and repairs. It’s also not energy efficient.

Acrylic Roof Coatings

acrylic roof coatingsAcrylic coatings can be applied to a variety of roof types and are the preferred alternative to replacement approximately 80% of the time. A good system will require a primer, base coat, fabric (either full roof or only on seams), more base coat on top of the fabric to embed it, and then a final top coat. The end result is a seamless, fully adhered membrane that is robust enough to withstand heavy hail and could easily last as long as TPO and PVC with proper maintenance.

Although it isn’t mainstream yet, these coating systems can actually be installed directly to ply-wood in new construction. The fully adhered, water-tight, seamless, and renewable characteristics of a good roof coating cannot be matched by anything else on the market. In fact, one of our original members installed this system on his own newly constructed office.

PROS: Acrylic roof coatings are UV resistant, very reflective and easy to work with. They also provide building owners with a prime balance between performance and cost. Repair couldn’t be any easier as caulk is usually all that is needed. Importantly, towards the end of life, simply putting another layer of “top coat” to the roof could add as many as two decades of new life.

CONS: When weathering is a factor, acrylic products are prone to losing mil thickness. They also need to be applied at 50 degrees or above. Additionally, performance is generally poor in ponding water situations, so flat roofs may need to have depressed areas built-up beforehand.

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Our group works together to provide:

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  • One Source for All Projects
  • Set Standards for Service
  • More Peace of Mind
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Choice Roof Contractor Group is an association of trusted and endorsed roofing contractors who are among the best in the nation. The group was founded to provide building owners with more peace of mind while giving contractors a strong base of resources for their companies.

When you’re in a quandary regarding which roofing product to choose for your commercial building, a Choice Roof Contractor member can offer you the professional advice and services you need.  The group utilizes products that are created in the United States, keeping along with the trend of providing reliable, local services for business owners and property managers.

Call (800) 670-5583 today to speak with one of our members and to find a CRCG-endorsed contractor in your area!


What You Should Know Before Accepting a Large Roof

For a commercial roofing contractor, it can be easy to be swept off your feet when the opportunity to snag a big roofing project comes along—but there are some things you should know before going after a large roof.

Keep Things in Perspective

large roofTo begin with, don’t lose your head over the prospect of a big job. Make sure you can handle the scope of the work. If you feel that you can, apportion your resources appropriately. In your quest for a big fish, don’t forget or neglect the “little guys” (your residential customers) who give you small but steady work. You may need them again later.

Weigh the Risks

When you take on a large roofing job, the monetary payback is proportionately large, yes—but a big job also means greater opportunity for error with bigger consequences as a result. If you are relatively inexperienced, take every detail of a big project into consideration before you agree to take the project on.

Be Prepared

The Boy Scout motto is a great maxim for roofers, too. Be prepared and organized every day. Keep tabs on weather forecasts and plan accordingly; check and double-check your equipment and materials lists to make sure nothing is forgotten before you head out to the job site; and make sure you have enough materials for the job.

Prioritize Your Repeat Customers

Don’t let big dollar signs dictate your priorities. Repeat customers aren’t easy to come by in the roofing business, so when you have them, make sure you put them at the top of your list and cultivate those relationships. Bigger contracts and their big paychecks will come and go, but ongoing/residual business is priceless.

Put Service Above Dollars & Cents

Whatever other goals you may have, always keep your eye on giving customers good value. Focus on providing top quality at the best possible price and satisfied clients and a good reputation will follow – along with valuable referrals.

Do Everything It Takes to Develop—and Deserve—a Good Name

If you want a good reputation, be a good contractor. That may sound simple, but it requires always being on top of things. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best there is, and when customers have a good experience they’ll spread the word about it. In everything you do, be trustworthy, be dependable and be honest. Go the extra mile for your customers and start creating a long line of clients who have had a good experience working with you.

Tap into a Nationwide Network of Resources

nationwide contractor networkWhether you’re a veteran roofing contractor or new to commercial roofing, joining forces with a nationwide network of professionals can enhance your business in countless ways.

 The advantages of belonging to the group are many and varied and include:

  • Off-site and on-site assistance from veteran roofing contractors
  • Commercial roofing marketing strategies
  • Help with bidding and job completion
  • Enhanced credibility our nationwide reputation for excellence
  • Access to the group’s popular roofing lead generation program after qualification
  • Helpful support from strategic partners and suppliers
  • Professional commercial roofing training
  • Discounted pricing on energy-efficient, long-lasting roofing products
  • Job referral opportunities through network connections
  • And much more!

To learn more about Choice Roof Contractor Group, membership benefits and how to become an endorsed member, call (800) 670-5583 or visit our Contact Page. We look forward to helping you grow your commercial roofing business and achieve your professional goals!


Support from the Group has Contractor Living the Good Life

Businesses are growing by leaps and bounds with the expert support, added credibility, and comprehensive resources offered through our network of endorsed roofing professionals.

One such success story comes from Rufus Hostetler of Mid-West Roofing Systems in North Dakota.


early daysRufus began working for various residential-focused contractors at the young age of 14. Later he started his own business and eventually landed his first commercial job, which was a 14,000-square-foot metal roof. After seeing how much better everything was, he began moving from residential to commercial roofing work.

Rufus was one of the very first members to join up with Choice Roof Contractor Group when the association was first getting off the ground. Belonging to CRCG has revolutionized his business.

“It’s been huge,” he said.

He went fully commercial in 2012 and has never looked back.

Getting Professional

getting professionalFor Rufus, the benefits of belonging to a professional network like Choice Roof Contractor Group have been manifold, including:

  • Interaction with other professional roofing contractors
  • Knowledge of what actually works in commercial roofing marketing
  • How to consistently close large commercial contracts
  • Help with bidding and completing jobs
  • High quality sales material to print and email to prospects

“For us to be able to have all that as contractors, without creating it all on our own—that’s huge,” he said.

Another benefit of belonging to Choice Roof Contractor Group is having access to the professional marketing services of Top Roof Marketing, which caters specifically to commercial roofing contractors.

Rufus said he gets about 50 percent of his sales leads through his website, which was built and is maintained by Top Roof Marketing. The services offered through Top Roof Marketing, including regularly published blogs with targeted keywords and social media distribution, have even helped him expand his business to other states.

Because his business website is so polished and professional-looking, Rufus said, it makes it appear that he runs a huge operation—when, in fact, his business is not quite as large… yet.

“I’ve had quite a few customers comment on how my website is set up and that they really like it,” he said.

Without the support and benefits of Choice Roof Contractor Group and the expert services of Top Roof Marketing, Rufus said, he wouldn’t have the successful business he enjoys today.

“I would probably be doing OK,” he said, “but I wouldn’t be doing as well.”

Living the Good Life

living the good lifeWith the help of Choice Roof Contractor Group, Rufus has been able to build a very successful roofing business in a relatively short amount of time, experiencing success that many roofing contractors only dream of. He attributes a great deal of that success to his membership in Choice Roof Contractor Group.

“It definitely has had a big impact in my business,” he said.

The support, training to do more advanced installs, and expert consultation available through the group has greatly increased his business savvy and confidence.

In addition to enjoying professional support, training, and interaction, endorsed members also have the added bonus of access to commercial roofing leads generated through the association. While getting regular leads isn’t a guarantee and contractors need to always be proactive in soliciting new business contacts, Rufus said, when a lead comes through the group it is always a very high quality lead.

The success Rufus has experienced since joining Choice Roof Contractor Group has enabled him to have the kind of lifestyle he wants and the freedom to spend time with his family, travel and enjoy life in all kinds of ways.

“It has allowed us to do pretty much anything we wanted,” he said.

Because endorsed Choice Roof Contractor Group members like Rufus use high-quality Conklin roofing products and enjoy discounted pricing, an added perk of association comes in the form of manufacturer roofing leads, valuable referral commissions and even special trips from Conklin. Rufus has won vacations through Conklin for reaching certain targets. For instance, in the first year of going fully commercial, he was given a weeklong vacation paid for by Conklin with other “Preferred Contractors” who bought more than $125,000 worth of product. Last year, he achieved “District Manager” level, and once again he enjoyed a paid vacation in Cancun courtesy of Conklin.

Interesting fact: Early on, at age 22, Rufus was introduced to Conklin roofing products. This was before our group was fully established. When commenting on his experience with the manufacturer, he said “The products that we use—I mean, I wouldn’t use anything else. I haven’t had one roof that failed on me. … It just comes back to doing it correctly.”

You Can Benefit, Too!

Rufus’ success story is just one more example of how Choice Roof Contractor Group is benefiting roofing contractors throughout the United States. Our endorsed members enjoy various exclusive perks, such as:

  • Off-site and on-site assistance from veteran roofing contractors
  • Commercial roofing marketing strategies
  • Our popular roofing lead generation program after qualification
  • Helpful support from our strategic partners and suppliers
  • Additional credibility from our nationwide reputation for excellence
  • Professional commercial roofing training
  • Discounted pricing on energy-efficient, long-lasting roofing products
  • Job referral opportunities through connections in our network
  • And much more!

If you’re interested in finding out how your roofing business can benefit from being part of the group, give Rufus a call at (701) 500-9399. He would also be happy to share exactly how he was able to grow so quickly.

Flat Roof Solutions

Flat roofs are a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings for various reasons, including their budget-friendly cost in comparison with other commercial roof types and the fact that they essentially provide an extra floor of usable space for housing storage facilities, HVAC systems and more. Flat roofs are also easier to access than pitched roofs when repairs need to be made, gutters need to cleaned, solar panels need to be installed, etc.

In addition to their benefits, flat roofs also come with a common set of problems that can develop over time, requiring flat roof solutions to be administered by a professional roofing contractor.

Common Flat Roof Problems

flat roof problemsJust as any roof will, a flat roof will eventually develop problems that need the attention of a professional roofing contractor. Drainage is a common issue with flat roofs, for instance, as they do not drain as efficiently as pitched roofs do. This can lead to the problem of standing water remaining on a roof for longer periods of time, which can contribute to the accelerated breakdown of roofing materials and eventually lead to leaks, particularly along the roof’s seams and protrusions. If standing water is remaining on your flat roof for more than 48 hours following a rainstorm, you need to schedule a flat roof repair right away. You should also call in a professional roofing contractor if you notice cracks, blistering, tears or damaged flashings.

Various catalysts can cause flat roof problems, including:

  • Pooling water
  • Storm damage
  • Improper previous repairs
  • UV damage
  • Aging
  • Straight-line winds
  • Excessive weathering
  • Building movement
  • Loose membrane bonds

Flat Roof Solutions

flat roof solutionsWhen your flat roof develops problems, it is important to call on an experienced professional to address the issues using high-quality roofing products. When it comes to your roof, there are no cheap band-aids that last long term—it’s important to have the job done right the first time. Hiring an inexperienced person to do shortcut work on your roof can actually lead to much bigger problems down the road.

Time and time again, the experts belonging to the Choice Roof Contractor Group encounter roof damage that is the direct result of previous repairs that were not done properly and were not done to code. Your roof is a significant financial investment and a crucial component of your commercial building. As such, it needs to be safeguarded and properly maintained by experts who know what they’re doing.

When roofing work needs to be performed, you can always find a well-trained contractor among our endorsed group members. We are a nationwide association of trusted roofing contractors, and our members use top-quality Conklin roofing products on commercial jobs for the simple reason that Conklin products are the best in the industry.

Conklin offers various products that are specifically tailored to address common flat roof problems, such as:

  • Kwik Kaulk: This premium latex caulking compound is ideally suited for filling holes and cracks around the joints, flashings and fasteners of a roof prior to the application of a Conklin Roof Coating System. Kwik Kaulk’s unique formula is designed to seal any leak-prone areas, remains flexible and cures to a durable finish. Kwik Kaulk can also be tinted to coordinate with a building’s paint.
  • 360-S: Conklin’s 360-S urethane sealant is a single-component, moisture-curing elastomeric urethane sealant that is ideal for expansion and control joints. 360-S offers superior adhesion for many surfaces and cures to a robust, long-lasting finish.

Conklin roofing products are designed to stand up against Mother Nature’s harshest offerings, including extreme temperatures, intense UV rays, rain, wind and hail. When full roof replacement or restoration is needed, there is a full catalog of Conklin roofing products.

Find a Trusted Roofing Contractor

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Our group works together to provide:

  • Larger Base of Knowledge
  • Group-Wide Accountability
  • One Source for All Projects
  • Set Standards for Service
  • More Peace of Mind
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When you’re in need of flat roof solutions, you can rely on the services of a Choice Roof Contractor Group member to get the job done right using the very best products and procedures. 

When you work with a professional Choice Roof Contractor, you’re not just partnering with that contractor.  You’re utilizing a database of knowledge from contractors around the country, providing valuable resources for business owners and property managers.

When you are ready for a free estimate, inspection or more information, give one of our knowledgeable members a call today at (800) 670-5583. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you find the best options for your commercial roofing needs!  You won’t be disappointed with a Choice Roof Contractor on your side.


How to Get Competent Metal Roof Repair Assistance for Commercial Buildings

Metal roofs are a common choice for commercial and industrial buildings, as they are known to be durable and comparatively low-maintenance. However, like any type of roof, a metal roof will eventually develop problems and require the metal roof repair skills of a professional to address them.

metal roof repairThe following are some common contributors to metal roof problems that necessitate the immediate services of a knowledgeable roofing contractor:

  • Rust
  • Improper previous repairs
  • Weather damage
  • Entrapped moisture
  • UV damage
  • Roof movement stress

Any of these factors can create issues that will snowball into huge problems if not promptly attended to, and it’s important that an expert addresses them right away.

When it’s time for metal roof repair for your commercial building, do you know how to select the right contractor for the job?

Who You Hire Matters

roof contractorLet’s face it—most people aren’t professional interviewers, and they aren’t professional contractor recruiters, either. So it may seem intimidating to choose a roofing professional to attend to your commercial building. But it absolutely, unequivocally matters whom you select to repair your roof—and the research you do before hiring a contractor matters a lot.

Reputable roofing contractors constantly encounter roof issues that were the direct result of improperly performed previous work that was not done to code. And guess what? Improper repairs can actually lead to more severe problems than the one you started with. When it comes to your roof, cutting corners with quick fixes is never the right way to go.

To help you choose the right roofing company for your metal roof repair and other roofing needs, here are some questions you should find favorable answers to before shaking hands with any contractor and saying, “You’re hired”:

  • Is this contractor insured?
  • Do their crews have access to the experience needed?
  • Are the company’s workers certified and well-trained?
  • Do they have a good reputation with past customers?
  • Is this company certified by the manufacturers whose products they use?
  • Are they affiliated with and endorsed by a reputable roofing association?

‘Yes’ Answers Every Time

Need an Expert?

Our group works together to provide:

  • Larger Base of Knowledge
  • Group-Wide Accountability
  • One Source for All Projects
  • Set Standards for Service
  • More Peace of Mind
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When you choose a contractor who is an endorsed member of Choice Roof Contractor Group that has been reverified to meet or exceed our requirements, these and other important questions will always have “yes” answers!

Choice Roof Contractor Group is a nationwide association of trusted roofing professionals that are located throughout the United States.

In order to join the group, contractors must meet strict standards—which means any endorsed contractor has passed our guidelines to be considered eligible for membership. We also check their insurance and require them to commit to our high standards for excellence.

Some of the benefits of hiring a Choice Roof Contractor—and they are plentiful—include the broad range of expertise that is available to our members. Not many contractors can call on a nationwide pool of experts for input on a particularly tough roofing job—but our members always can.

Find a Contractor You Can Trust

To find a Choice Roof Contractor Group member near you, give us a call today at (800) 670-5583 or visit the contact page of our website.


Top Things to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Roofing Contractor

commercial roofing servicesWhen you’re in need of commercial roof services, do you feel confident hiring a contractor? Many commercial building owners don’t, so if you feel at a loss when it comes time to engage a roofing professional, just know you’re not alone.

Who you hire is extremely important—we can’t stress that enough. Hiring a roofing contractor isn’t as simple as paying someone to mow your lawn or cut your hair (i.e. “If they mess up, it will grow back”). A roof is a huge investment and a long-lasting fixture on your commercial building; if the job isn’t done right, you will be paying the price for years to come.

There are many things to be considered before signing on the dotted line for commercial roof services.

Things to Consider Before Saying, ‘You’re Hired’

roofing crewHiring the wrong contractor can mean much more than shoddy workmanship—it can mean legal battles, the need to bring in other contractors, and ongoing roof repair expenses in the coming years to address the problems resulting from the initial poor workmanship.

Before you forge an agreement with any roofing contractor, you need to qualify the work of your candidates. For instance, it is important to pre-qualify their safety programs.

What kind of training does your contractor have, and what kind of safety protocols are in place? A lack of either can have devastating results for you as a building owner. For instance, if a poorly trained contractor sustains a severe injury on the job, damages your building or causes a catastrophe like a fire, you could end up on the losing end of litigations and liability claims.

To protect yourself and your business, perform your due diligence and find out the following facts about your prospective contractor’s past performance:

  • Experience Modification Rate: One way to determine a safe contractor is through their experience modification rate, or EMR. This is what insurance company’s use to rate a contractor’s prior claim experience. An EMR below 1.0 indicates a contractor with good performance, while 1.0 is average and greater than 1.0 shows poor performance.
  • Accident history: OSHA requires companies to track their accidents, so do some research there and make sure a prospective contractor falls below the national average within the roofing industry. Bear in mind, companies self-report to OSHA and some are not honest, so compare a contractor’s EMR with their OSHA low incidence rate to get a more accurate picture.
  • Citations: OSHA also keeps a database of citations that have been issued to a contractor, which can be accessed at Keep in mind, smaller contractors may not have any activity on the OSHA site, but that doesn’t mean they’re a safe contractor.
  • Quality Insurance: Reputable insurance companies will not typically take on a contractor with a poor performance record, so find out whether a contractor is insured by an A+ rated company. It is also important to check the exclusions on a contractor’s insurance policy and make sure you would not be left without coverage should you need to file a claim.
  • Financial Track Record: Take a look at a contractor’s financial statements going back at least three years if possible. A good contractor doesn’t lose money, so healthy financial statements are a good indicator that a contractor is doing solid work, working safely and satisfying customers—addressing their concerns and attending to them rather than filing for bankruptcy and leaving them to deal with the issues on their own.
  • Training and Equipment: A good contractor can easily produce documentation showing that his technicians are properly trained and certified and that his company has safety programs in place. A reputable contractor will also have the proper safety equipment to protect his workers as well as you and your employees.
  • Final Meeting: Before a contractor begins work on your roof, have a meeting during which the contractor presents his safety plan. If the contractor is unable or unwilling to give you a written safety plan, that is something to be concerned about since it indicates he does not intend to use proper safety procedures. Once you have a safety plan in hand, make it clear that your company will be checking on the contractor and his crew to make sure the safety plan is being followed.

The ‘Who’s Who’ of Roofing Contractors

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Our group works together to provide:

  • Larger Base of Knowledge
  • Group-Wide Accountability
  • One Source for All Projects
  • Set Standards for Service
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When you’re in need of commercial roofing services, there is an easy way to find a reputable contractor: Choose a Choice Roof Contractor Group member.

Choice Roof Contractor Group is a nationwide association of endorsed roofing contractors located throughout the United States.

When you shop among Choice Roof Contractor Group’s endorsed members, finding the right contractor becomes an incredibly simple process. Our members must meet certain requirements to belong to the group. From among our trusted members, you can find a contractor in your area that will perform great work and adhere to best safety practices, and their work can be further backed by an industry-leading guarantee and manufacturer-backed warranties.

To schedule a free estimate, a roof inspection or for more information, contact one of our knowledgeable members today at (800) 670-5583.


Commercial Roofing Companies Hiring

hiring commercial roofingWhether you’re a veteran roofing contractor or a new hand looking to break into the business, it can be difficult to find the right fit as you search among commercial roofing companies hiring new recruits. As with any job market, the available positions can be few while the applicants are plentiful. Also, keep in mind that there are many different kinds of commercial roofing skills for different systems. As you venture forth in search of the right job with the right company, keep some of these tips in mind to bolster your efforts.

Search Smart

When you’re looking for a position with a commercial roofing company, be thorough in your job search efforts. In addition to checking out ordinary job boards and classified employment postings in your area, you should also be scoping out opportunities on nationwide specialty roofing and construction job boards. Many companies do their applicant searching through these specialty employment sites, so you may never see their jobs posted in a more conventional place.

It is also wise to contact employment agencies in your area. Roofing companies may choose to hire through an agency rather than openly advertising their positions, so you want to make sure you’ve made contact with agencies nearby and that they have your resume on file.

Finally, visit the roofing companies in your area in person, whether or not they’re hiring at the moment. Build relationships with the individuals in charge of hiring and follow up with them occasionally. When they do find themselves in need of a new employee, you want to be the first person who jumps to mind.

Stand Out From the Crowd

standing out roofingWhen you’re job searching, the last thing you want to be is passive. Turn passivity into proactivity and make sure you stand out from the other applicants who are vying for the same jobs as you. For instance, don’t just mail in your resume—hand-deliver it to the companies you’re interested in, and, while you’re there, ask to meet with the hiring manager. Make the most of every opportunity to leave potential employers with a positive impression of who you are and what you could offer them as an employee.

Further, once you’ve planted the seed by contacting a company and submitting an application or resume, don’t just leave it at that. Nurture the seed by following up respectfully but consistently with phone calls and emails to let the companies know you’re very interested in working for them.

Make Your Own Way

There is another option you may not have considered over the course of your job search: forming your own commercial roofing business. Could you be your own boss? With the right support, it’s not as difficult as you may think!

Choice Roof Contractor Group is a nationwide contractor network with a strong reputation of excellence, and we help roofing contractors throughout the United States build successful commercial roofing businesses. We provide our members with a host of valuable tools to help them form their own companies or expand existing roofing businesses. Our members have access to:

Get Started with the Right Help:

  • Group Support
  • Shared Strategies
  • Lead Generation
  • Discounted Pricing
  • Complete Training

Learn More

  • Mentorship from successful roofing contractors – via phone, sending pictures/video, or on-site at your roofing project wherever it may be.
  • Sales coaching and proposal templates to help you successfully bid on jobs and close sales.
  • Discounted pricing on Conklin roofing products—one of the most trusted commercial roofing systems in America.
  • In-depth roof systems training.
  • Lead generation to connect you with business owners who are looking for roofing services in your area.
  • Effective sales materials and presentations.
  • High-quality marketing support, consulting and service.
  • Discounts from trusted partners and suppliers.
  • A nationwide reputation you can tap into through the continued excellence of our members.
  • And much more!

You can be your own boss, and you don’t have to do it alone! Choice Roof Contractor Group is here to offer the tools and expertise you need to build your own successful commercial roofing business or connect you with a member who is hiring. Call us at 800-670-5583 or use our contact form today to find out how our group can help you succeed! We look forward to talking with you!

How to Get Commercial Roofing Leads

You might be the best commercial roofing contractor who ever picked up a caulking gun—but without a proper marketing strategy, you’ll be like the proverbial old maid who sits by her phone waiting. If you’re wondering how to get commercial roofing leads, there are various tried-and-true ways to attract new customers and successfully build your business.

Direct Mail

commercial direct mailThe Internet has greatly changed the world of marketing, but there’s still much to be said for direct mail advertising rather than merely sending out literature. Research has indicated that direct mail can more effectively connect contractors with potential customers and prompt a higher response rate than many other forms of advertisement.

The reason direct mail is so effective is because it can be specifically targeted. You can select the businesses and companies you wish to send materials to by purchasing leads through mailing list distributors to get your message to the right potential clients (and avoid spending money on ones likely to never respond or don’t have a big enough roof). This can be done relatively quickly to generate high-quality leads whenever your business needs a shot in the arm.

Did “Junk mail” not work for you in the past? You’re probably missing a good offer, using a poorly tested design, targeting the wrong businesses, and/or have a website showing far too much residential. Direct mail advertising has been a consistent winner for most of the contractors in our group, but only when done correctly.

SEO (Ranking Higher in Google)

commercial seoSearch engine optimization (more commonly known as “SEO”) is key for driving traffic to your website and getting your message in front of the right potential clients when they need service most.

Today, the majority of purchasing decisions are influenced by the Internet. When a business is seeking a commercial roofing contractor, one of the first places they will look is online via a search engine like Google or Bing. If your website is “optimized” to get top listings on these search engines for many different keywords, you will generate considerably more leads.

In addition to the information your website contains, being active on social media will help your search result rankings and improve your overall online presence. Regularly publishing content on Google+, Facebook, etc. will help increase your rankings and get you more business.

Door Knocking

receptionYes, door knocking works in commercial and it definitely deserves to be on this list. It doesn’t cost much more than your time and can work extremely well when done right. With the right approach, literature, clothing (hint: NOT dress pants and a button-down shirt), and smile you can walk plenty of roofs.

Carl Humes, one of our endorsed members in Texas, had a lot of residential door knocking experience prior to joining our group. When there weren’t any fresh storms earlier this year, he worked on perfecting his commercial door knocking strategy. A lot of things he was told by others simply didn’t work. To hear his best tips, listen to the Cold Calling Group Call he hosted.

Member of Commercial Contractors Association

group photoBelonging to a reputable nationwide contractors association like the Choice Roof Contractor Group will also greatly help you get quality sales leads.

Because of this group’s respected reputation and online presence, companies come to us to find roofing contractors in their regions through our website, which means our endorsed members get high-quality referrals. In 2016 alone, our site generated about 300 leads.

Partner relationships to generate additional marketing leads is also very helpful. For instance, our group of contractors has a special relationship with Top Roof Marketing. They enjoy the benefits of access to this firm’s professional marketing services, which are specifically focused on advertising campaigns for commercial roof contractors. Services include high-quality print materials, professionally constructed websites, both direct-mail and email marketing campaigns, SEO, public relations services, and social media marketing.

Information about joining the Choice Roof Contract Group can be found on our Contractor’s Network page.

Closing is Crucial!

How to Get Commercial Roofing Jobs

Learn More
Walking more roofs and providing more estimates doesn’t mean your company will grow. One of our co-founder’s favorite quotes is “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. In other words, you need to be prepared before you can get “lucky”. Don’t spend a bunch of time and/or money on generating leads if you’re not prepared to close.

  • Do your handouts show your main focus is on commercial? How about the website?
  • Do you have the right training and credibility to earn a building owner’s trust?
  • Will someone knowledgeable help you if you come across something new?
  • What will your prospects see if they type your business name online?

These are just a few of the top things to consider. Our group helps contractors with all these things including presentations, photo books, ongoing support from commercial veterans, group calls about specific marketing approaches, and trusted references.

Get on the Fast Track to a Successful Business

commercial rooferIf you’re looking for help to generate and close commercial roofing leads, the experts at Choice Roof Contractor Group are here to help you! Becoming an endorsed member includes many valuable advantages, such as:

  • Professional marketing services specifically tailored for the commercial roofing business.
  • Sales leads through an SEO-optimized Web presence.
  • Association with a longstanding organization that boasts nationwide credibility.
  • Life time mentorship with other professional roofing contractors throughout the U.S.
  • Expert sales coaching.
  • Discounted pricing on top-quality roofing products.
  • Access to our robust media gallery for your marketing efforts.

Visit our Contractor’s Network page or contact us today to learn more about the business-bolstering benefits of becoming one of our respected members!

Free Guide: How to Switch to Commercial

10 Complete Steps Developed by Members

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    The Truth About Commercial Roof Warranties

    commercial roof warrantiesA warranty can sound great coming from the lips of a good salesman, and it’s easy to be lured into choosing one company or product over another because of long-term warranty claims. However, when you examine the fine print, you’ll find that, far more often than not, a warranty is crafted to protect the company, not the consumer.

    The truth about commercial roof warranties is that most are created to limit the manufacturer’s liability rather than offer real protections for you. Many warranties list in great detail what they will not cover instead of what they will and have exclusions that make it ridiculously easy for the manufacturer to invalidate the warranty. Many commercial roofing manufacturers further lack important code approvals for their products and have low standards for granting and maintaining their warranties.

    The bottom line: When you’re choosing a commercial roofing company or a certain roofing system, it’s important to dig deeper than just the number of years a warranty covers.

    It’s About More Than Just the Number of Years

    warranty exclusionsCompanies like to seduce consumers with flashy promises like “lifetime warranty” or “30-year warranty.” That language makes it sound like your roofing product is going to be guaranteed for a lifetime or for 40+ years, respectively—but is that really what it means?


    When you look at the fine print, your warranty may list exclusions that make it very easy for a manufacturer to reject any warranty claims you make. For instance, some roofing warranties stipulate that the presence of animal debris on a roof—something that virtually every roof has within hours of installation due to bird droppings—is grounds for invalidation of the warranty.


    It’s also important to know what your responsibilities are as a consumer. Failure to inspect and maintain a roof in the ways stipulated by your warranty can lead to invalidation of the warranty. Some companies require written notice of a leak within 30 days of the leak being discovered or they may not cover the repairs. Many warranties will further not cover any damage resulting from a leak, such as damage to office equipment or the presence of mold and mildew.

    Selecting a product with even a 200-year warranty won’t matter if its language makes it easy for the manufacturer to get out of it and legally refuse your claims.

    The bottom line: Know what your warranty covers—and what it doesn’t.

    Prorated vs. Non-Prorated Warranties

    non prorated warrantyAnother thing to watch for in a warranty is whether it’s prorated or non-prorated.

    Diminishing Value

    Many roofing products have prorated warranties, which means the warranty coverage lessens over time. This type of warranty is designed to favor the manufacturer. Once your roof is installed and the clock begins to tick, your warranty will cover less and less with each passing year. If you have a 10-year prorated warranty, for instance, and at the eight-year mark your roof needs repairs or replacement, you’ll find that your warranty will only cover 20% of the cost.

    A non-prorated warranty, in contrast, requires the issuer to cover a roof for the entire period of the warranty in full. In other words, the manufacturer’s responsibility does not diminish over time.

    The bottom line: Make sure your warranty carries its full worth when you are most likely to need it.

    Who Do You Think You’re Dealing With?

    One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing any roofing product or system is the background of the manufacturer or specific product. Has the manufacturer of your roofing product been around for decades—or has the company only been in business for a couple of years? A well-established manufacturer with a long-time trusted product is obviously the preferred choice.

    Product History

    product historyFar too many roofing products are warrantied for much longer than they have existed. Be wary of a product that has only been on the market for two years, for example, but promises a 30-year warranty (even if the manufacturer has been around for decades). When you compare the results of a product being tested in a laboratory and a product being tried and proven on actual roofs, there is no comparison.

    Online Reputation

    online reputationIt is also crucial to check out consumer reviews for both the roofing systems and roofing contractors you’re considering. These days, the Internet is jam-packed with reviews that are easy to access, and they enable would-be consumers to learn from what others have already experienced with a certain product or contractor. It is simply unwise to blindly purchase a product or enter into a work agreement without digging into some background information first.

    Proper Training

    proper roof trainingSome companies’ standards are also not up to par with the standards of other companies. Many roofing product manufacturers hold only brief, and certainly not intensive, training workshops before setting contractors loose on the world with their manufacturer’s stamp of approval. Reputable companies, on the other hand, hold in-depth, hands-on trainings for contractors that last three days to ensure those installing the company’s roofing products are knowledgeable and will install the products correctly.

    Trusted Support

    roofing supportThe phrase “there is safety in numbers” has definite application to the world of commercial roofing. When you choose a private contractor, it can be a little bit like playing Russian roulette—you just never know if you’re going to get quality workmanship or reliable products. In contrast, when you hire a contractor who belongs to a nationwide association, there are myriad benefits and reassurances, such as the availability of a national pool of experts, group accountability, set service standards and a long track record of dependability.

    The bottom line: Do your homework when choosing a roofing contractor or product.

    Professionals and Products You Can Trust

    group photoIf you’re looking for a trusted system, Conklin is the manufacturer of choice for the Choice Roof Contractor Group.

    Our group is a nationwide association of professional roofing contractors who are endorsed and trusted. Our affiliated contractors can collectively service all types of commercial roofs, and, through Conklin, you have access to non-prorated, full-coverage warranties you can count on (and we don’t mind if you read the fine print!). 

    Need an Expert?

    Our group works together to provide:

    • Larger Base of Knowledge
    • Group-Wide Accountability
    • One Source for All Projects
    • Set Standards for Service
    • More Peace of Mind
    Free Local Quote Enter Zip CodeGo
    Here are some of the reasons we have trusted Conklin from day one:

    • 40+ years in the commercial roofing manufacturing industry.
    • The name of their original product Rapid Roof is used today – four decades later.
    • Their online reputation is nearly immaculate. Compare to any other manufacturer.
    • Non-prorated, full-coverage warranties stand out.
    • Billions of square feet across the U.S. are covered by Conklin roofing products.
    • Tried and true in all climates across the U.S.
    • Major code approvals have been received in categories spanning hail to fire and more.
    • Conklin’s roofing systems are Energy Star rated.

    For quality products and skilled workmanship, you can trust Conklin and endorsed members in our group! For a free estimate, inspection or more information, please call to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable members today at (800) 670-5583. They look forward to speaking with you and helping you find the best options for your commercial roofing needs!