Denied Insurance Claims – Commercial Roofing

If your roof has been damaged in a storm or other event, the natural course of action is to contact your insurance company to have the damage dealt with. But if an unfairly denied insurance claim has become a barrier between you and getting the commercial roofing repairs needed, you may feel at a loss regarding what can be done.

Insurance Claims Help When You Need It Most

denied claimMost insurance companies are good about dealing fairly when a claim is made, but there are always those occasions when a claims adjuster is unreasonable, a claim is handled unjustly, or a customer has been underpaid for the roofing work they need. When such an occasion arises, you can turn to the Choice Roof Contractor Group for expert help in getting the insurance claim payout you need and deserve.

We have a great relationship with the trusted team at Voss Law Firm, a highly rated firm that specializes in insurance cases. The team travels on a national and international basis to litigate many different types of cases and operates with the highest ethical principles. The firm’s founding member has been recognized in national and local publications such as Forbes, Inc. 500, The Legal News, Texas Monthly, Houston Press and H Texas. Notably, he also attained a high degree of peer recognition and achievement with recognition as a Texas Super Lawyer.

Together, Choice Roof Contractor Group and Voss Law Firm will work with you on your delayed or underpaid insurance claim case.

Protection from Scammers

commercial-roofing-contractorsIn addition to offering expert help with insurance claims via this key relationship, Choice Roof Contractor Group also provides access to a network of trusted roofing professionals in order to help safeguard you never become the victim of a roofing scam.

The Choice Roof Contractor Group is a nationwide association of trusted roofers that serve customers throughout the United States. The roofing contractors that belong to our group are among the top in the industry.

Too many individuals and businesses have been burned by inexperienced roofers or outright scammers who promise one thing but deliver another. They install a roof or perform repairs but don’t do the work correctly or to code. Not long down the road, when roofing problems begin to surface due to this shoddy workmanship, the roofer who did the job is often long gone, leaving the building owner or homeowner to deal with the aftermath (and usually an even higher bill to get things done right).

When you work with one of the many group members of the group, however, you can have the peace of mind that comes from our group-wide accountability model.

Combining Claims Assistance with Commercial Roofing Experts

Need Help?

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For help with denied insurance claims and roof restoration, call us at (800) 670-5583 or visit the contact page. Together with Voss Law Firm, we’ll help you anyway we can to restore your commercial property. 

We look forward to the opportunity to get your roof and facility back on the right track.

You won’t have to worry when you have the Voss Law Firm and Choice Roof Contractors on your side.


Ponding Water on the Roof Leads to Roof Damage

There are many factors that can lead to problems on your commercial roof. One of the most common is one you may not have thought about. Did you know that ponded water on your commercial roof can lead to significant roof damage? Even if there are no leaks?

Water: One of the Greatest Enemies of Flat Roofs

flat-roof-ponding-waterFlat roofs are one of most common types for commercial buildings. Strictly speaking, flat roofs aren’t actually “flat” but have only a very slight pitch. Because they aren’t as pitched as other roof types, they don’t drain as efficiently, and this can lead to the problem of ponding water.

Ponding water is what we call water that accumulates on a roof and remains there for 48 hours or longer.

When ponding water develops, many problems can ensue, including:

  • Accelerated erosion and deterioration of the membrane surface
  • Premature roof system failure
  • Decrease in insulation’s thermal resistance as it’s compacted
  • Damage to roof deck
  • Potential further damage to building interior
  • Unwanted vegetation and algae growth
  • Accumulation of contaminants

Preventing ponding water is a matter of proper roof design and installation in the first place as well as proactive maintenance over the life of the roof. Fundamentally, it all boils down to having the services of a knowledgeable, dependable roofing contractor.

Getting the Job Done Right

Need a Local Expert?

Our group works together to provide:

  • Larger Base of Knowledge
  • Group-Wide Accountability
  • Set Standards for Service
  • More Peace of Mind
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No matter what kind of roof you have, finding a good roofer to maintain it is crucial. Finding a good roofer, however, isn’t always easy. That’s where the Choice Roof Contractor Group comes in.

Choice Roof Contractor Group is a trusted association of professional roofing contractors located throughout the United States. Our members have proven themselves to the group, must maintain excellent track records, received professional training, have verified insurance coverage, and more.

When you work with an endorsed member, you have other advantages, too. For instance, there is virtually no roofing problem one of our associates can’t tackle with expertise, because our members openly consult with one another and share information. If a Choice Roof Contractor comes across a particularly perplexing roofing problem he or she hasn’t seen before, the member simply reaches out to the group to see who has encountered a similar problem in the past and can give advice regarding the best course of action. No more guessing!

Work with the Best

To find an endorsed Choice Roof Contractor offering services in your area, call (800) 670-5583 or visit the contact page.

Choosing the Best Commercial Roofing Contractor

Your commercial roof is not only a vital component of your building, it represents a huge financial investment; not just anyone should be hired to work on it. You may feel at a loss regarding where to start and what to look for when it comes to choosing the best commercial roofing contractor. We’re here to help you through the process.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

best-commercial-roofing-contractor-comparisonThere are a lot of roofing contractors out there, no doubt about it. When you own or manage a commercial building, part of your job is finding one that is reliable and properly qualified.

Choosing an inexperienced contractor to work on your commercial roof can have huge repercussions. If you hire a roofer who mainly works on residential roofs, for instance, you could be in trouble straight out of the gate, because servicing a commercial roof is an entirely different ballgame and requires specialized knowledge and experience that a full-time residential roofer on his own simply doesn’t have.

Hiring a roofer who doesn’t have a very long history of working in your area is also a risky proposition, as their staying power is unproven. If your $50,000+ roof fails two years down the road, that contractor may be long gone—and you may be left in the lurch.

Letting an inexperienced person do work on your roof almost always leads to problems down the road. What’s more, hiring an inexperienced contractor can cause your roof warranty to be invalidated. No matter how you look at it, it’s a bad idea to hire anyone but a licensed, experienced, tried-and-true professional.

Important Questions to Ask

When shopping among roofing companies, the following are some questions you should always find the answers to before shaking hands and saying, “You’re hired”:

  • Are they fully licensed and insured?
  • Do they have adequate experience working on commercial roofs specifically?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What is their reputation with local customers?
  • Are they certified by their product manufacturers?
  • Do they guarantee their work in writing with the ability to back it up?
  • Do they offer non-prorated warranties you can trust?
  • Do they belong to and have endorsements from reputable industry associations?

If any one of the answers to these important questions turn out to be unfavorable, it’s probably best to say “pass” and continue your search until you find a roofing company that does meet this criteria.

A Directory of Experts

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just snap your fingers and a listing of pre-verified roofing contractors in your area would suddenly appear? As it happens, there is such a resource that will point you to verified roofing experts near you—and all you have to do is call or click to meet one of them in person.

Through the Choice Roof Contractor Group, a trusted nationwide roofing association, you can search among commercial roofing experts that operate in your specific area. Our membership represents some of the very best roofers in the business.

Our dedicated contractor members provide full-service roofing solutions for clients throughout the nation.  If you’re interested in working with a contractor in your local area, reach out to us at your earliest convenience and we will pair you with a local contractor that you can trust.

The Choice Roof Difference

Need the best contractor?

Our group works together to provide:

  • Larger Base of Knowledge
  • Group-Wide Accountability
  • Set Standards for Service
  • More Peace of Mind
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There’s a lot more to this group than just verification and group-wide accountability. Once a contractor joins, they have access to invaluable resources including professional training and a huge pool of experts to get advice from when they encounter particularly problematic roofing issues. No single contractor or commercial roofing company on their own knows everything, which is why bringing centuries of experience together in this group is so powerful.

When you partner with an endorsed member, you’re partnering with a nationwide team!

To find an endorsed roofing contractor in your area, call (800) 670-5583 or visit the contact page.


How to Get More Calls and Appointments for Commercial Roofs

commercial roofsYou may be the best, most honest roofing contractor that ever picked up a hammer, but if you aren’t effectively getting your message out to potential customers your business will not thrive.

Like most roofing company owners, you may be puzzling over how to get more calls and appointments for commercial roofs. Marketing and advertising are, of course, key tools—but how you market and advertise your business is the make-or-break factor in whether or not you will be successful.

Making Your Marketing Count

When it comes to marketing and advertising, perspective is reality.

When starting a lead generation campaign, initial objections must be overcome before someone will pick up the phone and call you. No matter where a lead comes from—be it social media, a Web search, direct mail marketing, etc.—the person you’re targeting must believe certain things about your company before they will act on the advertisement:

  1. They must believe your business is creditable.
  2. They must believe your message is true.
  3. They must believe you are capable of solving their problem.

Three things must be included in your advertisements in order to thwart these objections:

  1. Make a Clear Claim: Claim that you are able to solve their problem.
  2. Offer Proof: Supply proof to support your claim through testimonials, case studies, etc.
  3. Show Clear Benefits: Explain the benefits of what you do and how it can solve the challenges your prospect is facing.

Keys to Effective Roofing Advertisements

commercial roofing marketingThe average Joe or Jane doesn’t understand the technicalities of roofing—all they want is someone who can solve their problems. Effective advertising can help convince prospective customers that you are that person.

Support Your Claim: Deceptive individuals like here-today-gone-tomorrow contractors have given roofers a bad name. Making a clear claim in your advertising and then supporting that claim will help establish that you are not such an individual and that your business is, indeed, reputable. The following are some ways to support the claim that you are the right choice:

  • Testimonials: Testimonials are an important part of supporting your message—positive affirmation from customers you have successfully served in the past. While written testimonials have value and should be included, video testimonials are more effective, as written testimonials are more easily faked. For a video testimonial, the formula of “StaràStoryàSolution” should be followed. The star is your satisfied customer; the story is the problem they faced before you came into the picture; the solution is what you did to resolve their problem.
  • Case Studies: A case study is kind of like a testimonial on steroids, demonstrating the services you have rendered as a roofing company. An effective case study will include a brief history of a company or client you worked with, the challenge that entity faced before meeting you, details about the solutions you provided and how they were carried out, and the successful results of your efforts documented with video and/or images.
  • Internet Reviews: When a potential customer initially hears about your business or interacts with you, the first thing they will likely do is jump on the Internet to research your company. Studies show that more than 90 percent of consumers are influenced by online reviews—a statistic not to be lightly dismissed. Encourage your satisfied customers to review your business on reputable websites by offering a gift card, and make it as easy as possible for them to do that by emailing them a link to the online review form, for example. Something else you can do is post social media-based reviews on the landing pages of your website, as they are more difficult to fake and, therefore, a credible review source.
  • Videotaped Commercials: Studies show that video tends to influence and convert more effectively than the written word. The strategic use of videoed commercials for your company can be hugely effective in demonstrating your company’s credibility and in boosting a marketing campaign’s conversion rates.
  • Real Images: Including real photographs of your company and employees—showing them working with a local charity, smiling inside your office, working on a roof with recognizable local landmarks visible, etc.—firmly establishes that you are a real business working in the target customer’s area. It also gives prospective clients a good impression about your company and a feeling of connectedness with your business.
  • Associations and Certifications: In roofing, as with most things, clients want to know the company they’re working with is legitimate and has expertise. A good way of showing this is through displaying proof of certifications and memberships in creditable industry organizations. HAAG certification or a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, for instance, prominently displayed on your website and advertising materials, can go a long way in reassuring your customers that you have the knowhow to take care of their roofing needs. Evidence of membership in trusted industry associations like NRCA and the Choice Roof Contractor Group are also solid testaments to your reliability as a roofing company.

Built-in Credibility, Tools and Resources

Belonging to a nationwide organization like the Choice Roof Contractor Group gives roofing contractors access to many of the elements they need to wage an effective lead-generation campaign.

Choice Roof Contractor Group is a reputable roofing organization composed of members located throughout the United States. Our endorsed members meet strict criteria in order to be named among our ranks, ensuring that everyone associated with the group will represent some of the very best and most reliable roofing professionals our nation has to offer.

For members of the group, the benefits are many, including:

  • Existing testimonials
  • Powerful case studies
  • Lead sharing
  • Proven marketing ideas
  • Franchise connections
  • Inside knowledge
  • Complete training
  • Ongoing group support

Learn More about Joining

For details about Choice Roof Contractor Group and how this highly trusted association can help you grow your business, call (800) 670-5583 to speak to one of our members or visit the contact page.

OSHA Commercial Roofing Regulations

osha commercial roofing contractorThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) oversees and regulates safety-related matters for employees within the United States workforce. In terms of OSHA commercial roofing regulations, there are both mandates and guidelines offered by OSHA relative to safe practices within the roofing industry.

Just as with other legal matters in the U.S, OSHA should be taken seriously because ignoring them can have serious consequences. Roofing employers are responsible to familiarize themselves with applicable OSHA standards and ensure their workers and worksites are in compliance with them at all times. Failure to do this can result in hefty penalties for companies—and serious injury or death for workers.

A Breakdown of OSHA Roofing Guidelines

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    As previously stated, OSHA requires certain practices for roofing companies and merely advocates others. Primary OSHA guidelines relating to the roofing industry include:

    • Fall Protection: It is an OSHA requirement that workers who are exposed to the risk of falling 6 feet or more—if protections are not in place along the edges of the surface they are on—must have fall protection. Such fall protection equipment must be in good working order and properly set up.
    • Fall Protection Training: Employers must also provide training relative to fall protection for all workers who might be exposed to a fall hazard. Workers must additionally be retrained if prior training has become obsolete, whether due to alterations in work conditions or changes to the fall protection equipment itself. Employers must further certify and properly document that this training has been completed.
    • Roof Holes: Another facet of fall protection relates to roof holes, including skylights, that are 6 feet or more from the ground or the next level of a building. The coverings over such holes are not typically sturdy enough to hold the weight of a person. Such holes and their attendant coverings should be appropriately covered and guarded to prevent falls.
    • Surface Safety: An employer is accountable for making sure a roof has enough structural integrity to support workers before the workers are permitted to walk on the roof. Roof surfaces should also be inspected for slip hazards that may be present due to water, snow, ice or other causes.
    • Weather: Weather conditions should be monitored by an employer, and the employer should consider suspending roofing work in the event of unsafe weather conditions. Examples of hazardous weather conditions include high winds; rain and snow, which can make surfaces slippery; and extreme cold that can cause workers to become clumsy due to numbed hands and feet.
    • Impalement: Any impalement hazard located on the ground beneath roof edges or other places workers could fall from should be removed or secured.
    • Location of Materials: For workers performing carpentry work on a roof, OSHA stipulates their work-related materials should be kept “conveniently close” to them. In the cases of other kinds of roofing work, materials cannot be kept less than 6 feet from the roof’s edge.

    Regarding work-related matters for which OSHA has not put specific standards in place, an employer is responsible to adhere to the mandates of the Occupational Safety and Health Act’s general duty clause. This clause states that employers must provide “a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees” (

    Safety-Related Support

    Within the Choice Roof Contractor Group, we care deeply about the safety of our member companies and their employees. We strongly advocate that our members and their workers obtain OSHA training and stay current on OSHA guidelines. We also encourage open dialog within the group regarding how members are efficiently keeping their crews safe on a day-to-day basis.

    The subject of safety is one we cover during the private dinner we host for our members at Conklin’s MR roof systems training. For more information, visit Commercial Roof Training with Support & Knowledge from Successful Contractors.

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      The Best Commercial Roofing Company

      best-commercial-roofing-companySearching for the perfect commercial roofing company is a bit like looking for the fountain of youth—success is impossible because what you’re looking for doesn’t actually exist.

      The truth is, there really isn’t one commercial roofing company out there that is flawlessly proficient in servicing every roof type; finding a reliable roofing company that has true expertise relative to the particular type of roof your building has can be very difficult. Fortunately, commercial and industrial building owners have a resource available to them designed to enable the best of everything to be realized in a single roofing contractor.

      The Choice Roof Contractor Group

      We’ve already established that there is no such thing as the perfect roofing contractor. One contractor may have proficiency in servicing metal roofs, while another has particular expertise in attending to the various types of flat roofs, and still another is adept at working on other specialty types. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine the knowledge of various contractors into one proficient roofing technician? Well, in a way, we have done just that.

      We are the Choice Roof Contractor Group—an association of trusted roofing contractors located throughout the United States. Our members come together to offer the “best of the best” roofing technicians in the entire country, boasting outstanding reputations, exemplary safety records, full insurance coverage, and more.

      Not only does our membership comprise a group of exceptional roofing experts across the nation, but our members are among the best in the country! 

      Our members freely share knowledge and expertise with one another, as well. If a Choice Roof Contractor encounters a roofing problem he’s not quite sure how to address, it is a virtual certainty that another member of the group will have an answer to the problem. This community relationship opens up endless access to knowledge and knowhow that other roofing contractors can only wish they had.

      In this way, the contractors in our group truly does offer the best of everything. It may be true that no one roofing contractor has expertise in every aspect of commercial roofing—but through the combined knowledge and hands-on experience of our community, each affiliated contractor has access to a limitless supply of information relating to virtually every roof type.

      Hazards of a ‘Factionless’ Contractor

      Need the best contractor?

      Our group works together to provide:

      • Larger Base of Knowledge
      • Group-Wide Accountability
      • Set Standards for Service
      • More Peace of Mind
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      As you can see, selecting a Choice Roof Contractor Group member brings various advantages—all of which add up to the peace of mind that comes with knowing your roof is being attended to correctly and with skill.

      In contrast to finding a pro through this group, selecting a contractor that does not claim membership in such an association has obvious disadvantages, including:

      • Lack of guarantees to provide continual service by other reputable contractors
      • Little or no access to on-the-job knowledge from experienced associates
      • No group accountability to ensure roofing work is done properly
      • No official oversight to mandate proper training and insurance
      • No assurance that the contractor has verified references by a third party

      Find an Endorsed Roofing Professional Near You

      No matter what your commercial roofing needs may be, you can rest assured that a Choice Roof Contractor Group member will be able to meet them with the support of the closed community.

      To locate a Choice Roof Contractor in your area, call (800) 670-5583 or visit the contact page of the website.


      Commercial Flat Roof Replacement Options

      If you have a flat roof, even if it has been properly maintained over the course of its life, the time will come when it will need to be replaced. When that time arrives, there are various commercial flat roof replacement options you can choose from.

      Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

      built-up-commercial-roofBuilt-up roofing, or BUR, is a popular choice among commercial building owners for various reasons. It is comparatively inexpensive, for one thing. BUR roofing is also composed of various layers, making it an effective insulator. BUR roofing is additionally an attractive option, usually featuring an aesthetically pleasing gravel top coat.

      But BUR roofs also have their drawbacks. The multiple layers of a BUR roof add greatly to its weight, often necessitating the addition of reinforcing joists. BUR roof installation is also very disruptive to a business, as the building usually must be completely vacated throughout the installation process.

      Single-Ply EPDM

      epdm-commercial-roofEthylene propylene diene monomer roofing, commonly known as EPDM or rubber roofing, is a single-ply rubber compound used for flat roof application. EPDM roofs are known for their durability and have a respectable life expectancy.

      On the downside, EPDM roofs require quite a bit of maintenance and feature a myriad of seams that are treated with adhesives, which makes the whole system vulnerable and susceptible to problems as time passes.

      Modified Bitumen

      modified-bitumen-roofModified bitumen is another single-ply system that is among the more environmentally friendly flat roof options, helping reduce energy costs by reflecting the sun. Modified bitumen is typically rolled onto the surface of a roof. Formerly, applying modified bitumen required laying the material on a roof and then using a blowtorch to heat it, but newer systems employ a safer installation method of peeling the material and then adhering it to the roof.

      One of the biggest disadvantages of modified bitumen roofs is they are very vulnerable to scuffing and tearing. With very much foot traffic on the roof, tears and scuffs are almost certain to develop.


      pvc-commercial-roofPVC roofing is known to be one of the best options for a flat roof, boasting easy installation, high reflectivity and outstanding durability. PVC roofs are also able to resist water ponding—a common problem for flat roofs.

      PVC roofing is not as desirable as a seamless system, however. Because PVC roofing is applied in rolls, it therefore has seams. However, it’s important to note that heat-welding is typically used to join two PVC sheets together, which creates a far stronger bond than adhesives.

      Roof Coatings

      roof-coating-commercial-roofPerhaps the best flat roofing option of all is a roof coating system. These systems, especially the ones manufactured by the Conklin® company, offer an array of benefits that make them highly desirable.

      The application of a roof coating system can restore an existing roof to like-new function, delaying the need for roof replacement by adding up to 18 years of guaranteed life to your current roof. Roof coatings are a fully waterproof solution and completely seal up a roof against Mother Nature’s destructive elements. Moreover, Conklin’s roof coating systems are ENERGY STAR® certified, low-maintenance, and can lower the temperature of a roof by as much as 80 degrees – all backed by a 40-year reputation.

      The process of applying a roof coating is also much less costly and labor-intensive than a roof tear-off and replacement, which means a business’ operations can continue as normal while the work is being done. Further, a coated roof can be re-coated down the road, extending the life of your current roof even further.

      A Roster of Trusted Roofing Experts

      Need a Local Expert?

      Our group works together to provide:

      • Larger Base of Knowledge
      • Group-Wide Accountability
      • Set Standards for Service
      • More Peace of Mind
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      No matter what type of flat roof you ultimately opt for, you can find an endorsed and fully trained roofing contractor to perform the application work through the Choice Roof Contractor Group.

      We are a nationwide association consisting of some of the most dependable roofing professionals in the United States, with members located throughout the country. In order to become part of the group, our members must satisfy certain criteria. We even meet them personally at the factory training.  

      To locate a Choice Roof Contractor Group member providing services in your area, call (800) 670-5583 or visit the contact page of the CRCG website.


      Commercial Roofing Damage

      commercial roofing damageThe roof that presides atop your commercial building acts as its first line of protection from Mother Nature’s elements and represents a significant financial investment. Your roof is also the most vulnerable part of your building and is daily exposed to elements that foster deterioration and decay, increasing the likelihood that your roof—and everything below it—may become damaged.

      When commercial roof damage occurs, do you know where to turn for quality repairs that are performed correctly and to code?

      The Scammer’s Creed

      From roofing contractors who aren’t as experienced as they claim to be to outright scammers looking to cheat you, there are plenty of individuals out there looking to make quick money at your expense.

      One common scam in the roofing industry relates to “storm chasers.” We’re not talking about scientists who track tornadoes in order to study them. Roofing storm chasers follow storms across the country to profit in places where a big storm has hit and local roofing companies are overrun with more repair requests than they can accommodate. Of course, since they aren’t interested in sticking around long-term, there is no incentive for them to make sure the roofs serviced last any longer than when they collect their checks.

      Of course it’s just as common for a residential contractor to misrepresent themselves as a commercial expert when given the opportunity. There are countless types of commercial roofs out there and it takes many years of experience to correctly service them all. Because of the difficulty of commercial roofing and what is at stake, it’s crucial you choose a company with direct factory training and the knowledge needed to service your roof correctly the first time while insurance is paying for it.

      Problem Solved

      choice roof stormSo, what do you do if a disastrous storm or other catastrophic event has ravaged your area? When there is a huge spike in roofing claims that local firms can’t accommodate, are you just out of luck? Not at all!

      In the case of such an event, additional help from professionals in other states may be needed to address all of the damage—but that doesn’t mean you have to close your eyes and just hope the roofer at your door isn’t a scammer.

      Through Choice Roof Contractor Group, a nationwide association of verified roofing companies who keep each other accontable, you can always find a contractor who is honest and reliable. 

      No matter what type of roofing services you’re in need of—whether routine or to address damage from a natural disaster or extreme weather event—you can find a verified group member to help you. If a local group member is overloaded with jobs in the wake of the storm, guess what? They can call on other verified professionals from across the nation to come and help pick up the extra work. The result is you can rest easy knowing your roof is being serviced by a reliable professional and, once the work is done, you will have continued access to expert follow-up work.

      Choice Roof Contractor Group Benefits

      Need Trusted Repair Service?

      Our group works together to provide:

      • Larger Base of Knowledge
      • Emergency Service
      • Group-Wide Accountability
      • Set Standards for Service
      • More Peace of Mind
      Schedule Inspection Enter Zip CodeGo
      Continuing with the storm damage example, your endorsed Choice Roof Contractor will act as your lifeline in dealing with insurance companies. The contractor will thoroughly inspect the damage to your roof and make sure the insurance adjuster didn’t miss anything. If additional damage is found, your contractor will document the damage and fight on your behalf to make sure the additional repair needs are covered by your insurance company.

      Because insurance adjusters work on behalf of the insurance company, they will do their best to save the insurance company money. To combat this, your contractor will work on your behalf to make sure everything gets fixed and that the work is performed correctly and lastingly.

      As previously mentioned, you can also count on this group for emergency service when you need it. We will promptly send someone to your location so that, at the very least, temporary repair measures can be made to stop further damage until more in-depth work can be performed.

      Because of how our members work together, they are able to handle any type of roof work anywhere in the country! You also have the benefit of group-wide accountability, so you know that no one sent out will be a “storm chaser” looking to make a quick buck and then leave you in the lurch.

      To learn more about Choice Roof Contractor Group or to find an endorsed CRCG member in your area, call (800) 670-5583 or visit the contact page of the Choice Roof Contractor Group website.


      Flat Roof Repair Contractors

      If your commercial building has a flat roof, the day will come when you need the services of a flat roof repair contractor. In selecting a contractor, it’s important to choose one that has expertise in the type of roof you have. Hiring a shingle roofer who mainly services homes can be disastrous, as roofing a commercial building is a completely different ballgame.

      Types of Flat Roofs

      flat roof repair contractorsFlat commercial roofs are a popular choice for commercial and residential buildings, and there are various types of flat roof systems to choose from.

      One of the most common types of flat roofs is built-up roofing, or BUR. For a BUR system, the finished membrane generally consists of alternating layers of bitumen (usually asphalt, coal tar or cold-applied adhesive) and reinforcing fabrics. Surfacings used include aggregate like gravel, slag or mineral granules; mineral-surfaced or glass-fiber cap sheets; hot asphalt mopped over the roof surface; elastomeric coatings; or aluminum coatings. Asphalt BUR is the most common type and is made up of multiple layers of asphalt and reinforcing plies, forming a redundancy of waterproofing layers.

      Single-ply membranes are another common flat roof type. They are factory manufactured and usually classified as either thermoset (EPDM) or thermoplastic (TPO or PVC). The main difference is thermoset materials become irreversibly solidified following heating, while thermoplastic materials can be repeatedly softened and hardened through heating and cooling.

      Modified bitumen is also a common choice for flat roofing. It features polymer-modified membranes that are composed of reinforcing fabrics that serve as carriers for hot polymer-modified bitumen while it is transformed into a roll material. Similar to BUR membranes, the membrane of a modified bitumen roof is composed of multiple layers. This type of roof system is generally installed as a two-ply system, and it is almost always fully adhered. The surfacings of modified bitumen membranes include aggregate surfacing, metal foil-laminate surfacing, mineral surfacing and smooth liquid-applied surfacing.

      Need for Proper Workmanship

      Need a Local Expert?

      Our group works together to provide:

      • Larger Base of Knowledge
      • Group-Wide Accountability
      • Set Standards for Service
      • More Peace of Mind
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      As previously stated, a commercial roof is a vastly different animal from a shingled home, and it takes special training to install and repair commercial flat roofing.

      No matter what type of flat roof your building has, you can find a dependable professional to service it among the endorsed members of the Choice Roof Contractor Group.

      The group is an elite, nationwide association of roofing professionals. New contractors admitted to the group as endorsed members must meet certain criteria.

      Group contractors are manufacturer trained to properly install many different types of commercial roofing products, and our synergistic association gives members access to knowledge sharing and group support, enabling any member to expertly service virtually any type of roof.

      These contractors offer various top-quality repair options to restore your flat roof to proper working condition, including specializing in applying industry-leading Conklin® roof coating systems, which restore an existing roof to like-new condition, address all of its problems and add many more years to its life.

      Finding a Trusted Roofer Can Be Easy!

      When you hire an endorsed group member, you can rest easy knowing that your roof is in capable hands. Collectively, our knowledgeable members have expertise in all aspects of commercial roofing.

      To find a trusted Choice Roof Contractor Group member in your area, call (800) 670-5583 or visit the CRCG website’s contact page.


      Commercial Metal Roofing Options

      For commercial and industrial buildings, metal roofing has become a popular choice for a variety of reasons. Commercial metal roofing is known for its longevity and durability; its low-maintenance qualities; its resistance to discoloration and decay; and its robustness in standing up to physical impacts, fire, high winds and more.

      If you’re considering a metal roof for your commercial or industrial building, keep reading as we break down some of the most common types of metal roofs and details about them.

      Commercial Metal Roof Types

      metal roofing optionsAmong the metal roofing materials used for commercial application, some of the most common include:

      • Corrugated galvanized steel
      • Standing seam metal
      • Steel that is coated with a blend of zinc, aluminum and silicon
      • Stainless steel
      • Copper
      • Aluminum
      • Painted or stone-coated metal sheets

      Metal roofs can be further broken down into five basic profile types:

      1. Standing seam
      2. CF panel
      3. AP panel
      4. U-panel
      5. R-panel

      Standing seam roofs are considered the most attractive metal roofing option—and they are also the most costly.

      The name “standing seam” refers to a seam that has been mechanically hemmed at 12- to 24-inch intervals. One of the biggest advantages of a standing seam roof is it has no exposed fasteners; the panels are attached to the roof deck by means of screws and metal clips, which are hidden by the neighboring panel.

      CF panel, or concealed fastener, metal roofs employ a lock-joint system that gives a clean and smooth appearance, and the fasteners are hidden. This type of metal roofing is known to be almost maintenance-free as well as fire and hail resistant.

      AP panel metal roofing resembles standing-seam roofing but costs a lot less. AP panels use a pass-through system, which allows the screws to show. This type of roof is known to be very durable, low-maintenance, and fire and hail resistant.

      U-panel roofing is typically composed of 26-gauge commercial-grade steel, which is heavier than the material typically used on metal roofs. U-panel roofing can often be installed over top of a shingle roof without the need for removal. This type of roofing can resist up to 140 mph winds; has a long life expectancy; and is known to be energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and hail and fire resistant.

      R-panel metal roofing is low-maintenance and durable and presents an alternative to conventional roofing, as it can be retrofitted over top of existing roof material. It is also resistant to winds up to 140 mph, is fire and hail resistant, and is often made from 26-gauge steel.

      Find the Right Professional to Install Your Metal Roof

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      There are many benefits to choosing a metal roof for your commercial or industrial building. If you think a metal roof is the way you want to go, you can find a trusted directory of reliable commercial roofers working in your area through the Choice Roof Contractor Group.

      We’re a nationwide association of endorsed, verified roofing contractors that have satisfied certain qualifications in order to gain membership, including having a good track record with customers, being insured, and abiding by sound ethics in all work performed. 

      To locate a trusted endorsed member in your area, call (800) 670-5583 or visit the contact page of the Choice Roof Contractor Group website.